Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing

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Science, data, facts and more. Real medical doctors, real knowledge. Long view, but absolutely worth it.

Part 2


A Statue for both of them!
Wish all those other (so-called) specialists would you use some common sense also.

We're being manipulated to the bone if you ask me.

Absolutely, it was a relief to watch these doctors. Finally some specialists explaining the immune system. Explaining the numbers and the facts!

We're being manipulated to the bone if you ask me.

Agreed! Bombarded with fear 24/7. (Glad we do not have TV channels since two years.)

Time to go outside. That is how we stay healthy. Get some of that fresh air in. Score some Vitamine D!

Some of those reporters, full in denial, against field experts. Both MDs were so calm, explaining very clearly what they had to tell.

Much respect for them. If it were me I'd lost my temper already and at least kicked out one off the room.

Hopefully more people will watch this and listen to those who actually know what it is about.