Criteria for choosing a Programming Language

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I could not vividly remember the number of people who have asked me about the programming language they should learn first. In fact, each time I tutor a programming course, such a question is pertinent among some of the students who want to venture into programming.

Many people always want a straight forward answer, however, the reality of that question depends on many factors and to give a succinct response requires a full understanding of the rationale behind such a question.

Diving into subject matter


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Programming language is just like any natural language, with its learning and usage depends on a specific motive. For instance, before I will consider learning Japanese or Chinese, there must be a reason, it may be either for resident purpose or educational purpose which require that I deliver my lecture using their local language or I find myself in a place where the only means of communication is using a different language from the one I understand, this may even include sign language.

The above illustration is related to learning a new programming language, the only difference is that everyone has at least one familiar natural language right from childhood. So one may not necessarily need to learn any other natural or human language aside from the familiarized one(s) unless there is a reason attach to it, unlike programming language in which majority of people did not get used to it right from their childhood.

Criterias for choosing a Programming Language

Generally, there are several criteria to be considered when choosing your suitable programming language. Having considered several factors, the most important ones are summarized below:

1. Technology
2. Job prospects and future
3. Difficulty level
4. Resources available to you
5. Adaptability

1. Technology


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This is the most important criteria to be considered when choosing your desire programming language. This is by considering your choosing programming based on the technology requires by the application you want to venture into. For instance, you may ask yourself if it is the system software you want to venture into since there are already numerous suitable programming language for that OR Application software: there are also numerous suitable programming language for that also.

Alas! Don't ask me what system software is, after several years of using different operating system on your phone and laptop.

If you have bought a new system before, the first software you installed that controls the operation of both hardware and application software is called "system software". Did you remember now? Oh..OK.

Examples include the most popular operating system (MS Windows), Linux, mac OS, Unix, iOS, Android, Cent OS and Ubuntu.

How about application software? You should know that one now!

OK, this application you are using to read this treatise is a typical example of application software, other common examples include: Microsoft suite of products (Office, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Word), Internet browsers (Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome). Now you know better.

They are specifically made to suit a specific purpose, be it educational, personal or business purpose. However, application can also be desktop application, mobile or web application, each of them has numerous number of suitable programming language to choose from.

2. Job prospects and future


[Image source: Flickr]

Most people venture into programming because it is one of the high-paying tech jobs throughout the world. Of course yes, but not all programming language are hot cake in the market. so in this case, you have to consider some of the programming language that are hot cake in the market. Most times, the general or wide applicability of programming language contributes to its relevant in the market

3. Difficulty level


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Most people believe that programming is a difficult task to engage in, especially if your mathematics background is not that strong, of course some people who ventured into programming in the past but later quit because of its difficulty, including those who were suppose to major in it. So when choosing your desire programming language, you may need to ask to measure your strength with your desire programming language. Although, most time, you get to know after you have entered into it.

4. Resources available to you

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You need to consider the available resources you have when choosing your desire programming language. part of the available resources is to have a team of experienced programmers within your reach and who are willing to coach you. Also, the specific requirement of the programming language you want to venture into should be considered.

5. Adaptability

[Image source: ]

Adaptability is an important criteria to consider, especially if you are coming from non related field. You should consider how easy you will be able to adapt within time frame. Your quality to adapt to a new environment should be considered. Have you experienced such a change of system like that before. Of course some people adapt easily to a new environment while many may not be able to adapt easily.

Closing Remarks

For an individual, especially a newbie, no doubt choosing a programming language out of many programming language out there is a problem itself which needs a set of codes called program to solve.

For a company, It is a strategic decision when choosing a programming language for a company because it comes with long term consequences. Thereby a lot of things need to be considered when choosing the programming language.

So one must consider all the criteria discussed above and some other salient points else where. However, your first jump into any programming language will not be a bad idea as it will be a stepping platform towards achieving your mission.

Thanks for reading through, Have you found yourself in such a condition before, your engagement will go a long way.


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This is an interesting discussion on what programming language we should learn based on the key points you have mentioned. I agree when you point out adaptability and learning resources. The first scripting language I learned was HTML, and then C language. I'm still learning and updating myself with Python, R and MATLAB. !discovery 10

I'm glad to hear you are now learning Phython. It is one of the hot programmng language invoke now. @juecoree ! I appreciate your feedback

Investing in your own education is one of the most important things you can invest in, with the greatest returns.

However its often hard to pick the next trend, who would have known that COBOL programing will become popular again as the world was amassed with hysteria over the y2k bug. That might be a distant memory, and COBOL programmers really aren't that plentiful anymore, but just goes to show the future is so unpredictable, so hard to see what will be the next winner.

Exactly and that is IT world for you. it moves so fast that what is revelant today may be outdated in the next second and vice versa. I appreciate your feedback!

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