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RE: White House Publishes A Blueprint For AI Bill of Rights

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Interesting that defining the uses of AI and limiting the way this may be used to keep people safe has not even been mentioned.

Even after a situation like "The Great Hack".

Which just makes me trust government even less, quite frankly. They seem to do just enough to make people think they are on top of things and actually care (anti discrimination is a very nice political play), yet they say nothing about tech like this not being used for nefarious purposes - such as propaganda or manipulation of the media and people themselves.

I totally agree with your statement:

they should add Open Source and Transparency

In fact... they should also add that there should be an index by every tech company working with data collection of all names and what data for what areas has been collected - this should also be made available to all citizens of the planet to access and to request that they and all their data be removed from the index / list.