Moog Mavis in VCV form

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The Moog Mavis is most definitely a hardware synth I am looking at buying. It's form factor is small compared to most but it has a really big sound, which is what you'd expect from Moog.

In the meantime, I built a software version of it, using some tips I found online via the brilliant Omri Cohen, so a lot of this is credit to Omri.

In this video I demonstrate what it's capable of, some very deep, gritty bass sounds which certainly bear a resemblance to the Moog.

VCV is a great product, watch out for more. I've got another video queued up but I am going to save that for tomorrow or Sunday.

Shoutout to @tdctunes, as we were talking about VCV the other day :-)

P.S. Hoping to earn enough Hive/HBD to buy a decent condenser Mic with so that I can chat with you on future videos, so you see a miming version of me on the video lol!

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Sounding good (and fat!)

Yes that’s the thing we love, those fat sounds!

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