GeoShred, this app is amazingly good and I’m hooked

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I'm always on the lookout for great music plugins and this one is rather unique. It was created by musician Jordan Rudess for the iPad and iPhone as a playable electronic instrument with extraordinary modelling Here is a quick demo. Will share more soon.

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It's a pity I am not an ipad or iPhone user. I feel it will be great using this following from the demo you shared
Weldone for sharing

You’re welcome, now I’m not sure if it’s on Android, it should be really. A lot of these apps have come about as the result of Apple’s auv3 technology mind you. I’ll do more, there are add ones for other instruments including brass, woodwind and other string instruments. There also some Asian instruments, soo great for exploring music from around the world.

PS I’ll get the real thing up and running soon but this is the best synthesised version I’ve ever come across

Yes this will be very handy for the sound library project, works really well with loopy pro and I’ll combine this with a real guitar, some piano and drum machine at some point in a video.