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Good evening and welcome to today's late night session where I take another VCV patch for a spin, this one is very dependent on sequencers, most of these performances are because then I can tweak. Transposing sequences up and down octaves. Increasing and decreasing reverb delay and a bunch of other things. Then sometimes just leaving the rack to run on it's own and play. A wealth of possibilities each and every time!


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Hi, that's very nice. May I use the part of the sound in one of my next kaleidosopic videos?

That’s very nice of you to say. I’ll record this as a piece of audio soon or extract it from the original video. I shall let you know when I do. Let me make a note to mention you in a post here.

Do you do a lot of kaleidoscopic videos? I guess you probably post them on your profile. I’ll have a look in a moment!

You can check my 3speak profile
I can download your video and extract audio from it. Just need your permission :)

I'll recycle my three LMAC videos - slideshows with AI sound and convert them to kaleidoscopes...

Ok sounds great

Ok go for it!

Super cool! I love anything arp/sequence like. Pretty epic reverb too!

I recorded this and uploaded but didn’t really listen to it again until yesterday. Anyway last night I started to build another new patch and will find more time to work on it when I get back from Prague

Keep up the VCV stuff - you've even got me wanting to have a play with it now even though I have 'real' modular. Maybe when I get back from HiveFest!

We’ll that’s a very nice complement. Super duper busy all of a sudden but hope to find time soon to carry on with VCV. To write more about what I learn. I may do a written article soon with soundcloud audio embeds. Slightly different but just as informative.

Plateau is an incredible reverb, I love dialling it down and ramping back up slowly.

great sound right here! Amazing

Thank you very much!

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