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RE: Why we should invest in technological products wisely

in 500 Words a day11 months ago

Technology changes so fast these days that it is really hard to keep ahead of the market. Good projects will replace the old way of doing things and android versus Nokia is a great example. Nokia had almost complete dominance for a while so much so that they failed to adapt to new tech.

That is why I love #hive so much as I can see where it is going. Apps like splinterlands are only the first wave of what is to follow. Real game economies are now possible so who wouldn't switch from the old system of sinking money in with no return?
The same goes with social media like Facebook. We just need the right app to challenge them as who wouldn't want to earn from there content instead of pouring in your time for zero return. It is the future. It's only really a matter of who gets there first.