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Super cool product, hemp seed oil is also proven anti microbe!

"The antibacterial activity of hemp seed oil, essential oil, and organic solvent extracts has been studied (Ali et al. 2012; Borchardt et al. 2008; Leizer et al. 2000; Nissen et al. 2010; Novak et al. 2001; Wasim et al. 1995). Ali et al. (2012) investigated seed oil, and petroleum ether, and methanol extracts of the whole hemp plant for their antimicrobial activity against two Gram positive organisms (B. subtilis and S. aureus), two Gram negative organisms (E. coli and P. aeruginosa), and two fungi (Aspergillus niger and C. albicans) using the cup plate agar diffusion method. They found that the seed oil produced pronounced antibacterial activity of inhibition against B. subtilis and S. aureus, moderate activity against E. coli, and high activity against P. aeruginosa."

Same goes for coconut oil... these things alone can clean the mouth and teeth. a lot of natural things are actually a lot better for us.

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