Pigs do carry there pregnacy for 114days before delivery wow, today I got to know some interesting details about pigs that I never knew!!

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hello friends of the community,

it's a pleasure writing to you all, hope we're all doing well. its been amazing so far with you guys, tho am a new bie here and am still getting to know my way around here slowly, i trust I'll be fine.
Today i took out time to do some under search to how this platform works, i came across this community so i thought of sharing my content here.
my mom has a pig farm where she rare pigs when there much grown she sells them uses the money for the family upkeep.

Here is a goat,west African duaff goat,the goat is a four chamber stomack animal namely omasum, abomasum,rumen and reticulum.




the goat chew the cud and they feed on grass and shrubs,they live in intensive and extensive system.the goat are known as reminant animals,the ruminants animals are also referred to as polygastric animals,they have true an false stomach,the false stomach chew cud while the true stomach don't chew cud.the animals that fall under this class are catle,sheep etc,the goat are economic animal,it is domestic,meat hides an skin milk are derive.

Now this is my mom's pig farm otherwise known as pigry,it is a monogastric animal or none ruminants animals,they don't chew the cud,their common examples are cat,dog monkey etc.














Pigs are widely consume in many part of Africa as meat,the meat from pig is call pock it can deliver up to 14 children in one pregnancy and it pregnancy takes 114 days.it feed on cover crops and animal feeds such as starter, growers an champion use wheat an Palm canel.





Their mouth use for digging the earth,an they are only good in the intensive system,they exist in white black,brown black and pure black colours example
they are known for being dirty at all times. they are also of different species.

All images are mine, from my mom's pig farm!!

A very big thank you goes to my friend and brother @smilestitches who introduced me to this platform as well as this community and his been a very big support to me, giving me guildlines and instructions on how to stay active on this platform.

I also sincerly from my heart thank you all the @hive users for the turn up on my introduction post, i felt love and i really appreciate you all for your time on my post, God bless you all. do have a peaceful night rest.


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