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I remember my very first-time exposure to a computer was sometime time in 93, till then I had never used a computer. And the computers in those days were big boxes. I had enrolled myself for a Secretarial Course and during that time I had my first use. Before that I had learned typewriting on the old type writer which was a very heavy instrument, and typing on that was a real pressure on the fingers. It was all so overwhelming at that time. I never had a computer at home till early 2000, till then if I had to use, I had to go to a cyber cafe, and pay there on hourly basis. It was expensive in those days, and then we started getting addicted to the Internet.

Now to think of it, what was life before we started using computers, it feels like something alien. When we were small all, we had was books and no internet. Free times I spent either playing with my friends or reading books. That's how my reading habit got cultivated. In the late 80s in our home, we had a black & white TV, which was not much of a fun to watch. Around 92 or 93 we got our first color TV and from that time the technology age started in my life.


When I look back, I feel, those times were so different. They were free times. Evenings we all friends would gather up and play and we would not return home till we had some big shouts from our parents coming. We friends would spend hours together at each other's place playing or reading. It was a lot of quality time spend together. I remember in vacation most of the time I was out of home with my cousins or friends. We would go to the beach side for evening strolls and then enjoy the local savories.

Those were some real simple and joyful times, no complications, life was simple. There were no fancy malls, no big brands, no junk food chains, everything was basic and local. In our house we used to dine out probably twice or thrice in a year and that would be on Birthdays and New Year, else rest all the days we had home food. We did not have A/Cs in our home, and still the heat never bothered us, but now I have so much of intolerance with heat.


Nowadays at night we keep mindlessly scrolling through our mobile phones hiding in our bedsheets, the fun part was in those days we used to hide in our bedsheets and read books till late night with a torch and my father would shout at me saying go to sleep, you will spoil your eyes like this. things change with time, same ways just different tools.

I miss those times and sometimes feel like going back in time, reliving some more of it and coming back to the present. In those days we were thinking of fast forwarding and now we think of rewinding. After another 20 years we will feel life was much better now than in that future time, and we will compare it with these times. The truth is that times will keep evolving and with that we also will need to.

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Books are still existing, so you can read them, or not? Greetings from Poland. 🙂

true that !

Very true, but nowadays people prefer reading that also online. Not many people buy Hard Cover books, which has so much beauty of it's own. Thank you for visiting my blog @bogdanrink1

it’s true, for me it’s almost impossible to read on screen — hive articles and online news are the exception ! The touch and smells of a hard cover book, I love it so much !

it's great to have grown to see times and tech change. I remember not having a phone at home, let alone something mobile. Learning to type on manual typewriters and working with early mainframes. I remember the first clunky, expensive PCs and the earliest days of the world wide web. How things have changed!

We had a phone much later in our home, and I used to share one of my neighbour's number to everyone. My neighbor was kind enough to allow me to do that. But it was awkward going to someone else's home and making conversations. I look back at those days and wonder, how did we survive then....hehehe. Computer came in my life much later. At my first job I had access to it, but that was limited only to the office softwares so there was nothing like Internet surfing and all. Some time in early 2000s I got my home PC and that's how it all started. Feels so funny now :-)

What I found amazing was the uptake in mobile phones. They were nowhere, then everywhere,seemingly overnight.

It’s sure free times seems to have disappear, but rest assured that it still exists... definitely harder to resist to the one way of technology, but it also brings more value to deep, natural and so ancient habits ! Reading, meditating, growing and cooking your own food, hiking in the forest, all of that is still possible and more, we’ve to protect it 🍀

Thanks you for this article, I really enjoyed the read :)

We are surrounded by technology and yes as you say it's hard to resist but not impossible. Though for some they cannot completely avoid but can definitely minimize the use.

Reading, meditating, growing and cooking your own food, hiking in the forest, all of that is still possible and more, we’ve to protect it 🍀

We need to protect these and also inculcate it in our future generations

100% agree with you @nainaztengra !

As we’re conscious about it, it’s our duty to protect all those simple and powerful things for the following generations 🤞🏼

I wish you a enjoyable weekend :)

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