Seventh Sense - Sci-Fi Story

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Could his father have been talking to a bare-chested woman at the clinic? Maybe I was wrong, Okan thought, because such things were not regarded as appropriate in public places.

A while ago, he decided not to talk unless it was necessary. It sounded like he was giving himself up when he spoke. He wanted to see the state officials who appeared on the news as usual as they used to be. However, after the accident, he began to see some of them with curled horns and black faces.

Now that the belt tightening his father's waist had loosened by itself, the bare-chested woman must have given him the good news. His father turned his back on the woman, took a few steps, came, and sat next to Okan.

Okan and his father were in Ms. Sude's room a few seconds later. Ms. Sude, who wrote something on the computer had little flame tongues rising from her stomach.

"After our previous meeting, I investigated the matter thoroughly, but I was not able to make the progress I had hoped for," Ms. Sude said.

His father's jacket almost shrank when he heard the neurologist's words. The family's health insurance didn't cover these visits' costs, and his father didn't have the money to cover an additional session.

"I think my colleagues were wrong about schizophrenia. Okan's problem is not to be disconnected from reality, but rather to be a little too inside reality," Ms. Sude said. It was the first time Okan had heard such a statement.

"Because there is no such disease in our family, and I never thought it was right," said Ender, Okan's father. "But the truth is, I didn't understand that last thing you said."

"He said that fragrant flowers gushed out of the walls while you were having breakfast as a family, especially when everyone was enjoying themselves. His mind creates pictures of the essence of matters, just like we do during a dream," Ms. Sude said.

"So he sees things that aren't real. Isn't it craziness?" said Ender in rebellion.

"What we see doesn't exactly match the facts. For example, there is no such thing as red in nature. Colors are all produced by our minds. There are situations where even the pain we feel does not correspond to real ailments."

"I didn't go to college; it sounds a little complicated to me," Ender admitted.

"You're right. Let me try another way. I have a veteran patient. His left leg was amputated to the knee for stepping on a mine in time. Thirty years after the incident, he still feels Phantom Pain in his left foot. You've lost your foot, but years later, you're still suffering; what a pity. In some cases, our perceptions do not correspond to reality," Ms. Sude said. The flames on her abdomen had now shrunk, and the wrinkles on her face had decreased as she expressed herself.

"If you say so, it's true," Ender said, although he didn't fully understand what the neurologist was saying.

"I also met a few friends from abroad whose opinion I trusted. We know that some of the people who are subjected to electroshock have developed their mathematical skills. A case similar to Okan's has not been found so far. In fact, we'll have to go a little groping. As his excitement increases, the changes in his mind become more dramatic. I'm guessing medication will reduce his symptoms. As parents, you'd better accept Okan's condition. This is the only way we can overcome the problem," Ms. Sude said.

On the way back, Okan thought his father was a handsome man. However, he was not aware of the attention women showed to him. Because his head was always busy. But Okan was not so confused at all. However, the girls showed no interest in him and never looked at him in sexy clothes. He comforted himself by thinking that maybe they still see me as a child.

Okan was surprised when his aunt and mother met them at the door of their home. Because her grandmother was in the hospital for several days, her mother could not accompany her to visit a neurologist. Okan believed that her grandmother had exaggerated her illnesses to her daughters. However, he was glad that she was released from the hospital.

"Give me a big hug," Zeynep said. She embraced Okan and lifted him into the air, saying, "My Poseidon." She gave this nickname to Okan because of the garden fork he had in his hand when lightning struck him. At that moment, Okan was thrown towards the house's door under the influence of lightning, and the tip of the garden fork melted. Family elders who heard the rumble immediately ran to the garden and found Okan lying unconscious on the floor. They put him in his grandfather's jalopy car and took him straight to the hospital in the rain. The doctor, who took off his T-shirt for examination at the hospital, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw an S-shaped lightning mark on his back. When he later investigated, he learned that such wounds were called Lichtenberg patterns.

After three days in a coma, Okan suddenly opened his eyes to the world one morning and asked his mother for two portions of meatballs. Even his aunt Zeynep, who saw every event as a game, could not hold back tears of joy in the face of this request. Although Okan was initially a little startled to perceive what was happening around him differently, he quickly adapted to his new situation. For his parents, it was impossible to say the same thing. A psychiatrist who had a brief conversation with Okan explained the problem with post-traumatic stress disorder and suggested that the delusions that Okan saw would disappear with the drugs he gave. Okan resorted to the lie that his "discomfort" had passed after a while because he was tired of his mother's anxiety-laden questions.

The next week, he told his best friend about his condition at school, and a few days later, he started being treated like a freak in class. Fortunately, he knew perfectly well who had alienated himself by the effect of the black-faced Alp and who loved him.

As Ender relayed what the neurologist said, Okan studied his aunt Zeynep's facial expressions, whom he perceived as a boy. It was evident that she was bursting with boredom in the adult world. He leaned over to the chair where his aunt was sitting and said, "Would you like to take me to the amusement park on the beach today?" he asked.

His aunt and his mother were delighted that Okan made such a request because she hadn't left her room for long and wouldn't talk unless someone asked her questions.

They were both speechless as they made their way to the beach in Zeynep's three-wheeled car. After returning to the beach road, Zeynep pulled her vehicle to the right and opened the window, and started talking to a man who was passing by. At this time, Zeynep's hair grew longer and curly, and her face turned pink and became feminine. When she met someone attractive, even her aunt turned into a completely different person.

According to Okan, the fact that they found a parking space on the multi-story car park's ground floor signaled that their short trip would go well. They pulled their unicycles out of the car's boot, started them, and started moving towards the beachside sidewalk. The walkway was quiet and secluded, smooth as the sea bedsheets. So much so that Okan could hear the engine and gyroscope of the bike he was on. A little ahead, they encountered a famous beach road balloonist selling robotic flying fish. He was preparing for one of the classic "Big Fish swallows little fish" shows with his usual attention and diligence.

There was no one near the amusement park's neon-lit exterior door, and unfortunately, the sign "we are closed for maintenance" was flashing on the screen above the ticket office.

"Let's at least go and eat at a restaurant," Zeynep said. Okan responded by shaking his head in the sense that" it suits me."

They jumped on their unicycles and began to make their way at full speed, directly to the Red Mars restaurant inside Democracy Park. They advanced by slalom among people they rarely met and reached the restaurant in a short time.

When they left their bikes on the charging cubes at the entrance and entered through the restaurant's door, they were greeted by cool air. When no one inside greeted them, they decided to sit at the table opposite the screen showing the bluish sunset of Mars. Okan liked that the sun, seen from Mars, was small and vibrated slightly. After the sun went down on the screen, they introduced themselves to the table's device and placed their order.

Okan felt someone pass from his left side immediately after completing the order. His eyes caught the girl's ashy blonde first. Then, when he turned his head, he saw her blue eyes shining like glittering balls on her freckled face. Suddenly, enormous white wings appeared on her shoulders, and the ceiling above them began to disappear, and the sky appeared. At the same time, grass sprouts began to come out of the floor of the restaurant. In the blink of an eye, the restaurant's interior was filled with blooming trees and lush plants. Realizing that Okan could not take his eyes off her, the girl turned and began to look at him with asking eyes. Okan seemed out of time; there was a sweet hum in his head. He got up from his seat and took a few steps towards the girl. At this time, his height was slightly elongated, and his shoulders were upright.

"Hello, what a beautiful day, huh?" Okan said with courage from his elongated body and broad shoulders.

"Yes, absolutely," the girl said, smiling and tapping her mobile phone's data transfer surface to Okan's.

At that moment, Okan realized that he had never seen himself as a different person before. This new Okan, who dared to talk to a girl he didn’t know, appeared reflected in the eyes of the girl. Like me, he transforms the world in her mind, Okan thought, and she is so beautiful.

Okan, who knew that he had to say something by social norms, said: “Can I call you later?”

”Why do you think I gave you the information,” the girl said, turning back and catching up with her mother at the outside door of the restaurant. As she left the restaurant, she turned and waved to Okan, causing the sky to become bluer.

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