The effects of Ozone layer depletion on our planet

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The ozone layer is about 19 km above the earth's surface and up to 48 km high. It prevents harmful violet rays from reaching the ground. If this layer weakens, as has happened in some places, it will spread many diseases in living beings to such an extent that it cannot be controlled. In addition, the temperature of the earth will rise to an unbearable level.

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Ozone consists of three atoms of oxygen, (O3) is a form of oxygen, ozone is an atmospheric sheath near the surface of the earth. The function of this cover is to protect it from radiation which is harmful to human beings.

Think of it as a sieve that prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the earth's surface. Ozone is actually a natural filter, which prevents harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun from reaching the earth. These harmful rays cause skin cancer, sunburn and cataracts in the eyes, as well as burning plants and crops.

In the 1970's, it was discovered that some man-made compounds were destroying the ozone layer. These compounds are called chlorofluorocarbons, which are used in refrigerators. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are commonly used in energy saver bulbs, deep freezers, refrigerators, cars, air conditioners, foam, dry cleaning, fire extinguishers, cleaning products, and some synthetic fertilizers. The resulting compounds, such as nitrous oxide, are also destructive to ozone.

In 1974, U.S. environmentalists stressed the need for awareness about the protection of the ozone layer, pointing out that the depletion of the ozone layer would not only cause global temperatures to rise dramatically, but also melt ice at the South Pole. In a few years, the world's coastal cities will be destroyed.

Industrial plants emit toxic gases (carbon monoxide). These toxic components combine with ozone gas and oxygen to convert to carbon dioxide. As a result, a crack in the ozone layer has formed in Antarctica, which has created a risk of flooding.

We are seeing an increase in the severity of the seasons. In view of all this, the UN General Assembly declared on December 19, 1994 to be the 16th of September every year as the International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer. Ozone Layer Protection Day is celebrated around the world on September 16 to raise awareness about the health risks of radiation. To protect the ozone layer, the international community has reached an agreement to ban ozone depletion materials, which has led to the abandonment of the use of CFC gases in products around the world.

According to World Meteorological Organization, the depletion of the ozone layer will continue for a long time, but that there is no prospect of an increase in the ozone layer and a reduction in the ozone layer by 2050. The chain will be closed and this layer will be restored to its original state because by that time the production of harmful substances for the cooler and ozone layer in the atmosphere or their release will be stopped.

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Scientists have the view that they have found for the first time evidence that the depleting ozone layer over Antarctica has improved. Scientists also say that the ozone hole in September 2015 was 4 million square feet smaller than in the previous 15 years. This area is almost equal to the area of ​​India. Ozone depleting chemicals have appeared after a long period of decline.

To protect the ozone layer from further damage, Deforestation must be stopped, the use of smoldering vehicles and wagons on the roads must be reduced, proper management of garbage dumps must be made and strict laws must be enacted to curb the rampant use of air-conditioning plants. The thin layer of ozone is also harmful to the human immune system, wildlife and agriculture.

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