The challenges of climate change for humanity

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The average temperature of the planet is rising rapidly and will rise by 1.5ºC in the next 20 years. This is the level that experts have been calling a threat because it will worsen the weather, increase natural climate disasters, increase drought and increase forest fires.

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Thousands of scientists under the auspices of the United Nations, has released its sixth report, which is slightly more worrying than the previous report. The alarm bells have rung so loud that they could deafen us. The report says that before that fossil fuels and coal destroy our planet, why not put the last nail in the coffin of these fuels.

The report blames human activities. Even now, however, wildfires in California have consumed half a million acres of greenery. The city of Venice is flooded up to the ankles. Last year we saw half a billion animals burn in the Amazon and Australian fires.

This report summarizes 14,000 scientific reports, studies and analyzes that show nature, our home and climate change itself. According to the report, all governments have been urged to stop emitting greenhouse gases by all means, otherwise in the next 20 years we will see an increase in the average temperature by 1.5 percent.

Commenting on the report, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it an urgent call on the world and called for immediate action. The report concludes that man is responsible for this horrific environmental, climatic and natural disaster. The average temperature of the planet has risen to 1.1ºC. Since the Industrial Revolution, due to the indiscriminate emission of gases that have caused global warming for the last several decades and even if we give up all anti-Earth behavior, it will have a lasting negative effects.

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Its immediate effects have been seen all over the world. Heat waves have killed hundreds of people in Canada, rains have wreaked havoc in Germany, wildfires have become dangerous. Terrible droughts have been witnessed in many places in the United States. People in Greece managed to get out of their homes by boat because there were fires everywhere.

Some changes in the climate can no longer be corrected. These irreparable losses include the melting ice of Iceland and the Arctic, and this process will continue. Some changes in the planet are so profound that it can take hundreds or even thousands of years for them to heal. This is how our time passes.

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