Find yourself in another house

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Take the floki as an example, if a person in extraordinary clothes walked through the door, he would never say a word, and would give a look of admiration, watching them leave.

However, if a ragged person described as a wretched person passed by, he immediately shouted and even gave chase to scare others.

What I can't tolerate the most is still yelling at the parents and children passing by, is this not clearly bullying the weak.

At that time someone went to the back room to borrow the bathroom. Although I was not happy, I did not refuse. There are three urgencies, right?

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the house, floki bit his calf, and his pants were stained with two, I told him to go to the hospital to get a rabies vaccine. For this, $200 is paid to someone else.

It was the first time floki had bitten someone, she had never bitten before, although she sometimes screamed and chased and scared people, she never really moved. We have adopted him for over a year and have always been well behaved and intelligent. "It's just a pet dog, not too fierce", I always thought.

It's hard to believe. One morning as soon as I opened the shop's rolling gate, a dog rushed forward. I don't even see what it looks like. I was so scared I thought it was going to hit me, so I shouted incoherently, "Who are you doing?" Hah?"

It kept rushing at me, and I said, "Go away, I'm not going to play with you!" I realized that it was not meant to attack me, otherwise I would have won the lottery, his agility and strength, I am not his opponent at all.

I went back to the shop and hid behind the counter. The counter can block me half of my body. It stood at the door and barked at me.

With lingering fear, I easily lifted the TV remote control to scare, didn't budge and continued screaming. I took a closer look, it was a bitch, brown and white, skinny, with two rows of boobs drooping under her belly, as if she had just given birth.

Where does it come from? What about his children? Why here?

There's no way to find out.

Seeing him so thin, he must be very hungry, pity. I peeled a piece of ham and gave it to him, but he didn't eat it. Pour a bowl of water and don't drink it.

But soon she stopped screaming and followed me all day without walking away. I went into the kitchen and he was at my feet; when I went to the bathroom, he crouched outside and waited; I took a nap, and he lay at the door. Don't give him anything to eat. Dad and I really didn't know what was going on.

At night, it will not go away. Ya dad said, if it's a stray dog, let's keep it. People say that cats become poor and dogs become rich.

I touched his head and said, “If you have nowhere to go, stay here.” He really understood it, was in a good mood, and started eating and drinking. I used to call it flockey. It's very tame. After eating and drinking, he followed Father into the back room, made a nest for him under the stairs, and settled down.

After raising her for more than a year, Floki's body has long recovered, and her skin is smooth and round, and she looks like a proud princess.

If it wasn't for biting people, I never would have thought of sending them away. After all, the floki are very smart, and the whole family likes them very much. Ya's father was in charge of bathing him, I was in charge of feeding him, and Moya was in charge of feeding the water.

They roam free, never be tied to a rope, play in the door every day, and run outside to find playmates, but return at night. Sometimes the water runs out, and moya doesn't add water in time, so he comes to find moya with a tray of water in his mouth, he is very smart. Later, I heard that the original owner was a migrant worker, and he didn't go back to work anymore the floki found our house.

At lunch that day, the floki obediently hid under the dining table as usual, and fed him after we finished eating.

I discussed with Dad Yes: floki are not only smart, but also beautiful, and deserve a better life. Let's find a good family for it.

Although Father Ya was reluctant to give up, he also agreed. After all, we live by the roadside and are not fit to keep dogs, if we bit people again it would be bad.

As a result, floki understood our conversation again and didn't come back tonight. He found himself another master, Moya's eldest aunt, my eldest brother.

Because we often bring flowers to my sister's house to play, my sister likes them very much and always feeds them. Dog eyes can see not only the inferiority of people, but also the goodness of people. The eldest sister is very kind, and floki has found the right owner again.

This result was acceptable to me and dad, because I don't live far from my eldest sister's house, we often see floki and we know that it's fine. It's just that moya is a little depressed, he complains, doesn't everyone say that dogs are the most loyal, why did floki betray us?

Even though floki lives at her eldest sister's house, we still provide dog food for her.

Sometimes the floki also follow the eldest brother to play. When we left, we tried to save the flower, but the flower would not stay. If we go to the eldest sister's house, before leaving, the floki will take the initiative to send us down, warm and courteous.

But only half a year later, the floki changed its owner again. Eldest sister says that because she defeated floki, floki changed her mind.

The eldest sister worked in the factory and spent time following her every day. Although she was smart and beautiful, and everyone liked her, the factory was a place of production and work, not a place for cats and dogs. The boss didn't want to spend too much time and reminded him.

The eldest sister kept the floki at home, and it wasn't until one morning that the floki made a big fuss in the palace, and the room was turned upside down and messy. It cannot be closed, but if it is not closed, it will go to the factory. The eldest sister hit him twice and prevented him from entering the factory, and it became angry.

When I said I was mad, I just remembered that the floki was literally the first dog I've ever seen that can only be temperamental. Sometimes when he barked at passersby, Dad shouted at him. If he doesn't let her scream, he doesn't listen. Dad just copied it. Too smart to hit him with a stick.

Although not resisting, it is also angry. When I'm angry, I just lie under the couch and let you coax me whatever you want. I don't care at all. I don't care about eating and drinking. That's too arrogant.

It's just like that, and can get angry for a long time, we get impatient and pretend to ignore it, then only get up and move again if nothing happens. Do you think it's Missy's temperament.

We also know the owner that floki found for himself this time, and that is a chirent who lives downstairs in his eldest sister's house.

The customer family is a bottled water business. They live on the first floor. They also have a dog named INU. floki always play with INU. So the chirent family also likes floki. beautiful and smart floki. Who do I like.

floki live in chirent's house. The eldest sister said that as long as the floki are willing, as long as the chirent is willing, let them go.

chirent is very willing. He could see that he was pampering floki too much. She buys clothes for floki. As he rides his tricycle to deliver water, floki stands on the front pedal to follow, and INU has never been treated like this.

After floki followed chirent, he really stabilized. Sometimes we meet and call him, but it doesn't really bother him.

moya is very sad, and once again complains about floki's unfaithfulness, Whoever treats her well, she will go with her, so i forget the kindness we take in it when we are down...

I think that's pretty good. So intelligent that he can find a home for himself at any time. I hope this is a beautiful life.