Welcome to Digital X Future

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Welcome to https://digitalxfuture.com

I am excited to launch my new website to replace my old VLE website, Mr Neil's Coding School . It is for ICT / Computing lessons and is for primary school students (years 2 to 5).

It was originally conceived as its own future tech showcase site. However, I decided, in development, to merge and make one big website.



There are still things to add and polish but that should be tidy by September.

For now, I have shared the links with my students. I have left a summer activities list for each grade group (1-4).

I will develop the E-safety section which gives advice for teachers, students and parents. There will also be links to resources and other information.

It will be ready to create short blogs (200-300 words). I am also looking for guest contributors. A student blog competition might be fun.

If I go to any future tech webinars, I can use this website to showcase new technologies.

One last point; at this point it is my own personal website, but if the school where I teach were to decide to create an X Division, I would like to think that it would make a good prototype.

X is the unknown future. Visit https://digitalxfuture.com and take a look.



Now that's the kind of initiative that our kids desperately need! I keep talking about how everything is switching over to computers and digital technologies, but they're not even teaching the kids to be competent typers... let alone the tech itself. It's shameful, and I welcome your line of thinking. I'll get my daughter, @sydney.potts, to check it out. Thanks, bro! :)

The students love those typing games, because they also get 10 seconds to guess the object. That said, I've also become a fan of future technologies. My 5 year old child will not leave school until around 2035 so everything will be a lot different. Right now, we need to appeal to the Minecraft generation.
Thank you for your comment. I hope your daughter likes the site. It will evolve.