3 Days left - Summertime Jam

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I haven't got one ahah so I'm just keep going when I have time, I already uploaded the game, you can walk around jump lower and increase your speed with the up and down arrow keys.
For now there's this exploration of a flat city with weird skylines. I'm probably gonna fall in irrational and not connected pieces using the whole palette of colors!

I changed job and this actually slowed me down, even if I'm working less hours learning and focusing on new routines take a lot of energy.
With 3 days left I don't know how much I can add as I should start designing and flashing the world out. Probably will end up not adding many mechanichs. I'm gonna try and milk out the most of this basic that has already been laid out.
Got the point/speed system working aswell the checkpoints and dangers so lets get into level design!!

Have a good week everybody! ;D

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I like how that dude walks! The animation for that is really great. Fun sounds, too!

Ahah thank you, I'm not very good with animation but was intentional to give him a strange walk as the dude is kinda alien 😂

Nice to see you are still working on things when you can find the time. It's always tempting to join one but I never have the time.

GL with the last couple of days remaining!


Yeah I regret a little bit though as I could have focused on other stuff and this was a 2 week break with mixed results ahah

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