in Game Development8 months ago

Little to no time this week so I went forth doing some relaxing pixelart on this tileset that is for no game in particular right now.


Some test of the rails put to work


I say it's relaxing to draw but in a way it is but it's very competitive feeling of having something to look somewhat good other then what you want to freely draw, it's an inherent thing maybe or maybe is because I'm not practiced enough and the struggle put on heavier feelings on the process.

completely random thought ahah have a good weekend everybody!


It turned out great! Well done!

Thank you :) Im adding a little bit at time

Those look like some nice tiles. It's gotta be a good feeling to get something done while relaxing at the same time!

definitly small nice steps 😁

Yay! 🤗
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Making Tile sets is a definite art form.
I'm something of a lowkey RPG Maker veteran myself. (Been playing with the series since Don Miquels translation of RM2k)

I need to try my hand at this sometime.

Keep up the good work! You've struck my nostalgic heart strings :)