Ladies of Hive: Contest 81-Technology: the good - the bad and the ugly

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During the last 2 years - life changed due to the pandemic and we became even more reliant on technology. Work meetings, hanging out with friends, online learning for schools- all depended on technology like Zoom, Teams and numerous chatting apps. There seemed to be an app for everything - from buying groceries to ordering a meal - for taxis and just saying hello. It was great that it was there when we needed it.

We have come a long way since emails and text messages. I remember watching the Flinstones and wondering whether flying cars would be in my future. It is not here yet - but will it be? We are still promised the internet of things of every thing actually. That sounds GOOD but is it really?

Well, I will not knock technology totally because:
a)There’s been advancement in the medical field
b) We can:
-“Google” words or phrases instead of using a dictionary;
-include love ones in our lives with video calls or send photos in an instant;
-travel to unknown locations without thought - our navigation systems will direct us;
-talk to Siri and Alexa who will look things up for us;
-access our bank accounts and make payments easily and securely;
-book tickets for travel and cinema very easily; and
-share and communicate with a worldwide audience via social media like Hive. 😀
These are just some of the conveniences - but there are lots more.

Technology has become such an important part of our lives - we cannot imagine life without its amenities. What I am afraid of is whether technology will be used for evil at some point.

Do we really need a chip with all our data (medical, financial, personal) embedded somewhere in our bodies?
Some Swedes already proudly have this. This might seem like a step too far to some - a bit too invasive.

What do you think about AI?
It is seemingly the biggest technology advancement to date. The focus seems to be on development of human-like AI robots.

Is it necessary to, give them:

  1. not only IQ (intelligence quotient) but also EQ (emotional intelligence quotient)?
  2. human rights?

How far should we go and when will development cease?
Could this turn out very BADly?

I have more questions than answers - but these are some of my thoughts for consideration.

I stay aware of our changing world but some things are out of my sphere of control. What I can control is how I use technology. I love having technology at my fingertips via my smartphone. However I don’t walk around, head down like a Pokémon Go zombie (remember that?). Armed with my smartphone, I go on long walks or drives and take photos of my surroundings.



my mother-law’s garden - July 2020

City skies -November 2018

Amazing skies after my son’s football match

Watching my family walk at the seaside while the tide comes in……..


or taking countless photos of flowers and


I also started a balcony/terrace garden where I escape to sow seeds and marvel at their development.

Technology has made things simpler-we can embrace it and use it to enhance our lives but be mindful of its potential dangers - because things could potentially become UGLY.

I would like to invite @ifeoluwa88 to the Ladies of Hive community.
Due to a “technological hiccup “ my entry is too late for the contest. 😞

Photos made my me.


This is breathe taking momo💚🧡❤️.. I love this right from the title to the Introduction, body and the future of cars moving in the sky.... Up until your mother In-laws garden and your son's football field after the match and your beautiful and prosperous garden.....💚👏👏👏🤝🤝🤝🖖🖖💫💫💫..You gat the talent Mo² ...Keep on rocking 🖖🤝👏💚❤️❤️

Many thanks @quduus1 - much appreciated.

True.. We should be mindful of its disadvantages. We can live in this techy world and adopt technology, but live a simple life and focus more on how to make it happier 🙂

Indeed - technological amenities should make our lives better and be for our happiness but they should not run our lives.

I'm always telling my mother that our future will be on a mountain while watching the world burn. Maybe I'm being too nihilistic but right now there's more evil than good and humanity has proven itself over and over again to be a constant failure. AI is helping a lot but it is and will be used in a broader manner to misinform and confuse us even more. Don't you think like the timing is too perfect and convenient when it comes to the arrival of COVID-19 or is it me being conspiratorial? I don't know, but I do know that money shifted hands and the rich are becoming richer while the poor poorer. Crypto is helping a lot but what if this was the plan all along? I don't know if you have seen the TV show Westworld; I do believe there will be a time where humanity will be able to transfer consciousness into machines, hence inmortality. Since I want to be eternal, hopefully we'll be alive and rich enough to buy ours. Cheers!

It is so hard to predict what will happen to humanity despite the evil that is also clearly present. I will choose and hope that good will prevail over evil - eventually anyway. I do not know whether you are being conspiratorial because time has proven some conspiracies to become facts.
I have not seen Westward but now I am curious for sure.
When consciousness is transferred into machines - that can of immortality will not replace humans - although interesting - it does not seem appealing.

Nice write up Momo and some nice pictures that did the icing. Still, I was hoping to read some points on the bad and ugly sides of technology. I guess you've got a positive mindset and by so, you only detailed out the good side of technology.

Thanks for your comment. I highlighted via questions some things for the reader to consider that could be good, bad and mentioned that things could get ugly. I gave food for thought only.
As you mentioned my positive mindset did not want to delve into the bad and the ugly. I then gave some examples of the good usage for myself.

Yeah haha!. Technology is arguably bad and ugly same way as it is good. Some bad usage are information theft e.g credit card, hacking, scamming etc and ugly in areas like deep fake, dark web etc

I think there are more advancement coming ahead and whether we are here to witness them, they will happen like the one you mentioned, flying cars :)

What I can control is how I use technology. I love having technology at my fingertips via my smartphone. However I don’t walk around, head down like a Pokémon Go zombie (remember that?). Armed with my smartphone, I go on long walks or drive and take photos of my surroundings.

I agree with you. We have the power to use tech to our advantage and not become a slave to it. I love your gorgeous shots of your surroundings :) Thanks to tech that you are able to do that and share them here too.

Thank you @ifarmgirl - I love my phone because there is so much beauty around to capture. Happy that you enjoyed this little selection.
I hope many people will realise that creating a balance between is the best way to go - using technology but also enjoying the simpler things in life.

Yes, I enjoyed them :) And hoping for that too, for more people to appreciate the very best of both times (simpler and modern) by creating balance and not push one over the other.

This need to be reblogged by me 💚❤️💚💚💚💚💚

Many thanks

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