My adventure into coding with no code

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I doff my hat to every dev out there, this programming thing is harder than I thought, it’s one thing to conceptualize an idea in your mind then another thing to bring the pieces that make it up to life. So, last week I started out this adventure into the world of coding with no code, it’s been fun!

I talked about how I could turn my entire idea into something for valentines, check out howfar I’ve come,

This was what the countdown looked like, as you can see it’s on 4 as per the shot

This was the final output after the screen displayed a countdown from 10-0

So I tweaked and tweaked to get a Val’s day feeling out of it, something simple yet interesting, how about I replace the “you’ve just been hacked” with “happy Val’s day baby”? seemed too simple and boring….it should do more. So I thought about a page that asks “will you be my Val? And gives the receiver the option to choose Yes/No.

If the receiver chose Yes, display another page saying Happy Val’s day baby! If No is selected, display “sorry, try again next time”. Check it out in the images below

👈This is what the new page looks like as it’s counting down to 0

When the receiver clicks on Yes, this is what it displayed👉

If the receiver doesn’t pick any option and the timer runs to 0, the page displays “Goodbye”. And this is Howfar I’ve come, still a bit boring, but we are getting somewhere, I could still make changes to the fonts and the color of the background, but I think those are minor for later so I can focus on more important stuff now.

What else can I do? How about it displays the image of a rose 🌹 flower? Or many rose flowers scattered around the screen. Need ideas….

Here’s the code base if you’d like to fork this, maybe there could more fun stuff to do if we try it together.

Whewww! So far ChatGPT has only used JavaScript and html. It is important to note that this was something I couldn’t really have done before. So progress yeah. Guys I’ve seen what programmers are doing out there with ChatGPT, I’ve also read a bunch of stuff relating to how OpenAI is planning to focus on making ChatGPT make software developers obsolete.

For me, it’s not so much about how ChatGPT will make software developers obsolete, it’s about how software developers who don’t use ChatGPT will become obsolete.

I saw a video on YouTube yesterday showing ChatGPT creating a trading bot 🤯🤯🤯🤯 if you’re not using AI right now, are you being serious?

Back to my valentines project, I bet it’d be easier if I already had an idea rather than the way I’m coming up with new stuff along the way. Maybe I should spend some time thinking about that. What’s the plot? I’d appreciate your ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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This is impressive I must say, I believe we will still have more important AI coming through

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Yes o, I’m even hearing ChatGPT isn’t the best of the AI bots we have, OpenAI just happen to be the loudest. Interesting times my guy

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