Covid-19 vaccine, Moderna will be ready to be administered once it receives emergency use authorisation in the US

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Covid-19 vaccine Moderna is waiting to be authorised for use in the USA

Moderna vaccine is the second Covid-19 vaccine that is likely to receive emergency use authorization in the US this year. The data collected from the final phase trials of the vaccine has shown that it is 94.1% effective in preventing Covid-19 from affecting those that are vaccinated while it has a 100% success rate in prevention of severe covid-19 cases.

Vaccine passes the requirements of US FDA on its effectiveness percentage

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Moderna vaccine like that of Pfize vaccine satisfies the requirements of the The US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) for an effective vaccine. Infact, these Covid-19 vaccines surpass the expectations of the The US FDA which requires a Covid-19 vaccine to be 50% effective in preventing the occurrence of Covid-19 in those vaccinated.

Pfize vaccine is another Covid-19 vaccine waiting to be approved for its administration

A week before Moderna Inc applied for emergency use authorisation, Pfize Inc had applied for the same. Pfize Inc has declared the Pfize vaccine to be 95% effective in prevention of Covid-19 in those administered. This admission was based on the outcome of late stage clinical trials of the Pfize vaccine.

FDA to examine the data proving the effectiveness of these Covid-19 vaccines

Pfize Inc and Moderna Inc are very confident on the declared effectiveness of their developed vaccines, and the data to back their claims is already submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration for their perusal. This Data that serves as evidence on the effectiveness of these Covid-19 vaccines would be looked into in this month of December by independent advisers who would then make a recommendation to the FDA, the Drug Regulating body of the US.

These vaccines may be the key enough to put an end to this Covid-19 pandemic

These vaccines, if proved as effective as declared, are much needed now as people all over the world are waiting for a vaccine, which will put an end to this Covid-19 pandemic that’s ruined economies and claimed millions of lives.



Excellent work by scientists with the development of this vaccine

What information do you have, about whether it complies with the World Health Organization, because for its commercialization, I estimate that both vaccines must have this international certification. Thank you for socializing these great advances in the anti - Covid-19 vaccine.

You can check WHO's site and see... this article was based on information from reference article that's attached for further readers enlightenment.

Wake up. These vaccines will modify your dna, ending your bloodline. They are poison. Covid has not ruined economies. This is the great reset, the new world order.