How to Stop Time

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Illusion of Time

“A storm is not a thing, it’s a collection of occurrences.”

(Carlo Rovelli - "The World Without Time")

We might call these occurrences events. When we observe events we see things happening at a certain time and place. But when we observe from another position and time we see the sequence of events only exist dependent upon a web of other events. The flow of time is based on the position and speed of particles in the universe we know are interacting. But there is no way we can know how every particle is interacting in the universe. If we could discover the position and interactions of all the particles of the universe then we would not have entropy or the flow of time. So we are stuck in this time "illusion" based on observations of the earth and sun and moon.

It seems that time keeps unraveling with the entropy of the universe when we observe events. We see a car has become rusty or skin has become wrinkled and bones become weak and say this is a work of time, but it is simply an occurrence of interactions dependent on other interactions in this universe much of what cannot be fully recorded. There really is no time just interactions.

Stopping Time

Consider Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle:

"The more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be predicted from initial conditions, and vice versa."

(The Tests of Time - Lisa M.Dolling)

We experience something perceived as a moment in time. We take pictures and keep associations stored in our brain. Yet it was only an illusion of time passing relative to quantities of particles, movements and positions.

People complain that it takes too much time to do the things they want to do. But it is the things we are doing that make up time itself.

To stop time we simply need to remove ourselves from the illusion.

If we perceive an event from another position instead of relative to the sun and moon and clocks that hang on the wall then we may see time stop or not exist at all.

In that case it takes no time to write a simple article to post. It takes no time to interact with others. As we accept the reality of a universe of quantum interactions suddenly time is no problem. We are doing more than enjoying the moment. We are living the reality.

I don't need to stop time because it never existed, but there is one interaction I would like to observe from every point of this universe. It is called a hug.

This is the most powerful event I know in the universe.


This is a big Teddy bear in a coffee shop in Korea.

And hear is a warm hug for you.

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