Quality Feedback with the help of MatterApp

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Businesses rely on audience feedback to perfect their products, services and operations. Feedback generally is a valuable weapon in any offense.

Feedbacks are usually a bye product of existing conversations, getting feedback is a whole lot easier if there is ongoing communication between the involved parties.

However not all feedback is quality feedback, in order for an entity to be able to make considerable progress based on the feedback they get, that feedback has to have large qualitative value.

A common dillema most businesses face is how they can recognize quality feedback from all the feedback they get. There is really no existing framework that can be use to point out quality feedback, or is there? Let's see

Matter is a feedback tool ajd that is what it is.

Matter provide anyone the ability to give, analyze and gather quality feedback form one platform.


With Matter, businesses and any other user will be able to know where they currently stand in their business with the feedback they are able to gather through the app.

Matter has a list of metrics that should be considered when gathering feedback, these metrics is what will be provided to their users so they can use it in their feedback gathering process.

Matter aims to make feedback gethering a much more productive affair.

Matter is a free to use app that every business that requires feedback should check out, thought they claim to be working on a pro version that will be released soon.

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