Ultra High Frequency AC Plasma Flame

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This is another great video by The Action Lab YouTube channel. This time he shows a Tesla coil can be made to generate an ultra-high frequency electric flame that is hot enough to melt steel. A Tesla coil is a device designed to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current (AC) electricity. However, in this specific plasma flame, the Tesla coil is designed to have 15 million Hertz frequency AC, that is the current alternates back and forth 15 millions times a second. This results in a an extremely hot electric flame as electric field generated rips apart electrons in the air. The ultra-high frequency AC electricity generated can also light up some types of lightbulbs from a distance, and even cause circuit breakers in your house to shut off. This is some pretty wild stuff!

The Action Lab video:

Construction of the Tesla Coil Flame

The construction of this Tesla coil, as well as the many trial and error attempts, are documented in the following video by the Plasma Channel below.

Plasma Channel video:


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