Proving Pi = 3.14... with Microsoft Excel - A Visual Proof

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In this video I show how you can use modern powerful spreadsheet capabilities to prove that pi is indeed 3.14... at least 2 decimal places. This is a pretty ridiculous method I just figured out which basically involves computing the area of many squares (or Microsoft Excel cells) inscribed inside a circle and using this area to compute what Pi should be.

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Proving Pi = 3.14... with Microsoft Excel - A Visual Proof

Proving Pi with Excel.jpg

Recap on Pi


Pi Excel Construction Methodology

To calculate Pi in brute force fashion using Microsoft Excel, here are the following steps that I did:

  1. Make a grid of squares with the value 1 for each.
  2. Place a circle on top of this grid.
  3. Delete all the 1s outside of the circle.
  4. Count up all the remaining 1s, which is the approximate area of the circle.
  5. Count up a straight line of 1s from the edge to the center of the circle, which is the approximate radius of the circle.
  6. Calculate Pi from the equation above.
  7. Repeat with a larger grid of squares for more accuracy.
    • Note: In the video I used the largest grid of squares available and overlay a quarter of a circle instead, to increase accuracy even more!

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