5 Pin Bowling - Scoring and Free Calculator to Download

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When I first played 5 pin bowling for the I really enjoyed it and thought it would be fun doing a video tutorial on its unique scoring system. I also made a Microsoft Excel 5 Pin Bowling Scores Calculator and you can download that in the link below!

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Pin Bowling Calculator.jpg

5 Pin Bowling Scoring System

  • Ball is smaller than 10 Pin bowling ball
    • No holes for your fingers
  • Have 3 possible bowls per frame to knock down all the pins
  • A Strike (X) is knocking out all in 1st throw
  • A Spare (\ or /) is knocking out all in first two throws
    • Knocking out all pins by the third bowl is NOT a spare
  • Unlike 10 Pin Bowling, the 5 pins have different values, as shown below and add up to 15 points:


  • Similar to 10 Pin Bowling:
    • There are 10 frames
    • A Strike includes points from the next 2 bowls (strikes in the 10th frame don’t get extra points added)
    • A Spare includes points from the next bowl (spares in the 10th frame don’t get extra points)

Example 1


Example 2: Max Score



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