Space and Crypto...the new investment solution?

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Crypto analysts suggest that we should no longer focus on a specific stock market, such as EVs stocks, but rather on what seems at first a strange investment connection, that of space and crypto.

The predictions sound good, given that new tokens are preparing to emerge on the market and the revolution will start soon. It doesn't mean that we will be wealthy overnight, but good things are about to come in this specific area in the next years.

But is it really a strange connection between crypto and space? How does that exactly work?

It seems that there are three main approaches in this respect:

  1. Crypto - the source of funding for new space programs and businesses
  2. Space - the location for deploying infrastructure to polish crypto networks
  3. Crypto - a coin for Space or future extraterrestrial settlements


Consulted articles for writing this post can be found here: 1 2


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