Nothing Should Be A Waste

Authored by @Maxdevalue

Keeping the earth healthy through our behavior and good management

All Images belong to me and are original

Right choices should start with individuals; which would eventually circulate to the entire community etc. Some countries of Africa has become well known markets in the world just like mine, Nigeria.

Nigeria is a huge market that attracts almost all the industrialized countries of the world and thus attracted so many other negative and positive things as well.

Most times I see some countries becoming dumping ground for some other countries. This observation makes me pale, but on a second thought, I see opportunity in every circumstance.

I see a lots of spoiled materials, automobiles, textiles, plastics, iron ore etc. being dumped at many places in our environments. When I see such, I also see opportunities that people can lay hold on to contribute in not just making their lives better, but could through such opportunities contribute in fixing the earth.

I’ve been trying daily to see that I don’t degrade my environment through abuse and pollution of both natural resources and every giving materials that comes across my path; I may not get everything right, but having this consciousness of recycling things instead of littering the environment is the key for creating a better environment.

Replaced pan from my water tanker

The steel pan that you’re seeing above was recently replaced from my tanker. The mechanic working on the truck observed that the pan has depreciated and should be replaced. I’ve replaced it, but the issue was on how to turn this old material to be useful again instead of throwing it away as a waste material. Wait a second, I have another thing to show you.

Another rejected metal by my engineers

I recently bought a gasoline pumping machine which supposed to be attached to the my water tanker. When I took the pumping machine to the engineer to mount it on the truck, he dismantled the machine and threw away this part that you’re seeing above; saying that it’s not useful because it makes the pump to occupy too much space which isn’t available on the truck.

I picked the pumping machine’s frame and brought it home to see if there’s a way to make it useful again.

Yes I could also sell those materials to companies that recycles ♻️ metals into other useful materials like building rods, but the value of fiats that I’ll get from them wouldn’t make sense at all when compared to the value that I may add to these materials if I could convert them into other things.

I’ve learned to add value to everything especially to those neglected things

I remembered that I have need of side table which can be used in house chores. So I decided to turn those abandoned materials into something very useful, precious, and valuable.

Making a table by assembling different rejected materials.

I will try and take you along on the process of making a table from waste materials but first, I’ll show you some of the tools that are required to assemble such things.

First, I dismantled the pan from the truck, and on the process, I came across rusted bolts and nuts 🔩 which I found very difficult to loosen up. But there’re solutions for such incase you come across such.

Applying hydronic fluid to rusty bolts can remedy it

I applied hydronic brake fluid to those rusted bolts and nuts 🔩 which softened them and allowed me to dismantle them.

Drilling machine

Drilling machine is a handy tool that is needed in technical jobs as this; it helps in creating holes 🕳 on woods, metals, plastics etc. and such holes can be used to pass bolts across materials for assembling.

This particular drilling machine has served me for several years. You may get one for $40

Filing and cutting machine

This is another important tool from Black & Decker which does many jobs like filing, smoothing and cutting of concretes, wooden materials, steel, plastics etc. I’ll use this machine to resize the steel pan to the size I preferred for my table.

Other bolts, nuts, and legs for my table

I also have gathered other needful materials for my table as you can see above; but the most beautiful aspect of this story is that nothing is purchased regarding the bid of materials needed for the table assembling, all materials were gotten from wastes or abandoned materials.

The last but not the least is my toolbox 🧰 😆 I have all these tools available for my many adventures. I live i a part of the world where it’s very hard to live a stress free life; life over here demands that everyone found here should be very industrious. I trying doing many things for myself seeing how difficult it is to spend money on everything by purchasing them right from the manufacturers.

My toolbox 🧰 at view

There’re other tools to be applied in the process of building my table from recycle ♻️ materials. In my next article, I’ll update you on the other processes as they unfold. Maybe 🤔 I would have finished constructing the table before my next article; I think that would be nice so that you can see the finished product.

In conclusion

Everything is important, nothing should be a waste; even waste materials could still be useful if only there could be researchers willing to devote their time for research 🧐 🔬. Take responsibility of keeping your environment healthy by not polluting it. Learn how to spend less on things you need; try and do some things by yourself and save money. Thanks for taking your time to read this piece.