Is Love Just an Imagination Or a Chemical Reaction??😕

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Is love a product of our imagination? Or Just A Chemical Reaction?

At what point do you think/feel you’re in love.

Does it even really exist?

For example: you see that hot ,cute and simple lady sitting next to your table at a party and boom 💥 there’s a chemical reaction that hits you. she’s the gem you’re looking for she’ll make you happy

These are what you imagined at first sight. You pictured yourself with her and if you’re a deep emotional person. You might see yourself getting married to her that instant.

back to where you’re sitting at in the club

You decided to get things done by taking the first step , which is to approach your new gem 💎 , the right one for you I guess.

Things turns out positively between you both and it felt like the world revolves around you🌎🤩🌎

The song you listen to is now full of love and bliss

Fast forward to the next couple of months. You don’t feel anything for your new partner anymore. I meant zero feelings or affection, you think it’s impossible? Well it’s what it is but I Am sure there are others who feel that way or have experienced such thing before.

What has changed?? I guess the imaginative place you pictured in your head didn’t play out well and you just feel the need to opt out.

The chemical reaction isn’t balanced as it was in the start anymore and you both want it quit.


The hormone that increase the level of bonding in a female is called oxytocin while in male we have Vasopressin, whereby oxytocin is also present in a male, helps with movement of sperm.

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter and a hormone that is produced in the hypothalamus. From there, it is transported to and secreted by the pituitary gland, at the base of the brain. It plays a role in the female reproductive functions, from sexual activity to childbirth and breast feeding.

Vasopressin is associated with physical and emotional mobilization and helps support vigilance and behaviors needed for guarding a partner or territory as well as other forms of adaptive self-defense.

These two stated hormones are released mostly during sexual activity when it comes to male, while female is largely released during childbirth(labor) and after simulation of the ni**les.

I think this is more reason why male fantasized sexual activities more than female.

The amount of vasopressin released in a male will be the one to determine how much you will cherish your partner. More Vasopressin means more Bonding.

In females , oxytocin is released mostly during labor and breastfeeding. It’s also released during sexual activities in female too but not like it is during labor or childbirth.

More reason why a mother to child love is always strong and greater than the love between both partners.


For how I would like to debate it more in my head for long. I think love is just a type of specialty or feeling of importance you create between yourself and the other person you find attracted to at that particular time or moment.

You might value your dog more than any other thing or maybe it’s a cat. Whichever it is the reality still remains that nothing last forever, even love.

Change is constant and what you love today might be disgusting to you tomorrow., so try to enjoy every bit of love while it last .That’s life embrace it and don’t fight it.


The way we define and question things are very different from each other. The way I see love as work of chemicals and imagination, someone reading right now is definitely thinking oh, that’s wrong!. I might be wrong too in all aspect but I am sure there’s a part of us that will sit back and take a deep breathe👩🏿‍🦲 after looking at the other side of things.

Btw let’s end this here.What you Love are those valuable things you have in your life. Love is also what you say it is and how you imagined it to be.

Stay Healthy and have a great day ahead.




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Sometimes I don't even know, I think its a long-term attraction at least. I might be wrong.

Trust me when it comes to the matters of love there’s no right or wrong. Matters of heart can be so tricky to understand at times.

Someone you love doesn’t love you while someone who loves you , isn’t good enough or not up to standards.

I also think it’s the long term commitment and sacrifices that really reflects love.

Thanks for coming through. Have a great day ahead.

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You're welcome man

I think a fairer answer to that question would be a mix of the two options, haha!


It’s also very possible. I guess the hormones are getting you so high you keep imagining stuffs 🥴lol

Thanks for coming by mate🤗

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@tipu curate

@tipu curate

I'm not sure if I've had that moment yet where I've felt in love at first sight, I'd like to think I am more interested in what is only skin-deep. Most of my loves have been formed over periods of time and I'm safe in my words when I say that the majority of them are unconditional.

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That’s a good one right there.

It’s better that way than to jump into a stranger the first time and start being emotional