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RE: At what age should Children be allowed to use Mobile Phones?

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@nainaztengra, you're right in your opinion, but in my own personal opinion, children can be given a Mobile phone starting at the age of 17 or 18 (or when they finished their college education — secondary school level). They need to focus and have value on their studies. Children using any Mobile Phone at a very tender is somehow distractive these days..., If any mobile phone must be in used, it'd be for creative engagements and acquisitions of knowledge and intellectualism

A Nice Write-up @nainaztengra!

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True, I too agree with that, but being very realistic it is difficult to hold them up till 17 18, else it can backfire also on parents and children nowadays retaliate for very small matters, its so important to balance these matters and handle them sensitively

Yeah, you're right.

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