Lady Portrait Drawing [34]

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Today I am continuing my series of female portraits. 34. Female portrait drawing.

I tried to draw a different lady face in the morning. I did not get the result I wanted. This picture is my second attempt in the day.

I first started drawing with the hair at the bottom. In the next step, I drew her lips, nose and cheeks. Finally, I completed the drawing by adding the lady's eyes, forehead and hair.

I used a white pencil, a black notebook sheet, and occasionally an eraser for drawing. I hope you like it.

Drawing Stages:






Thank you for your visit.
Hope to see you again in other drawings. I wish you all healthy and happy days. Goodbye.

Reference Photo

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what amazing skill you have I want to learn how to make art and I think one needs amazing imagination no?
if you know how and where can I learn for free online as I stay at home and all!

I haven't learned from anyone or anywhere. I don't call myself an artist anyway. I respect those who do this job professionally.

I think it takes a lot of practice and patience. It may be a little bad at first, but over time your hand gets used to it and you start drawing better with each new attempt.

Thank you very much for your visit and valuable comment @aiovo

no problem! but your's sure look's professional

Thank you so much.:)

your welcome!

Not really #stem though

I deleted. Thank you for your attention.

You're welcome. It is a very good drawing so nothing against that :)

This is very good, very artistic! WoW!

Thanks bro. I am glad you like it.

That’s an interesting technique. Good result :)

Thank you very much @kitzune. Glad you like it. :)