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RE: BLOGGING - Abyss or Bliss?

You know you should take nothing as personal and that's how you survive. We all by default live in our separate worlds and the virtual space is, well...virtually...virtual. Literally, too.

I'm a believer, meaning I believe in the natural evolution of things. It's like gravity. Things are going where they are going when it's time for them to do so. Some good ideas are sometimes too early but later they happen to be...inevitable.

Yet, we might take it as personal were it not in our time ;)


hmmm... I hear you - but I do not agree entirely.

Nothing I have written here is "really" about "me" - but ALL of it is personal! It is that way because I believe in this space - and I speak from a place of passion.

Natural evolution... involves all kinds of influence... #justsaying :)