A Complete Discussion On Mystery Of Parrallel Universe.

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According to some scientists and astronomers, we are not only living in our own universe but there is an infinite number of parallel universe/multiverse(also Read- https://www.space.com/topics/multiverse)

There are lots of scientific theory suggest Multiverse. Steven Hawkins also suggest multidimensional universe theory.
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According to theory, it will suggest that as particles can be arranged only a finite number of ways in a specific space-time and as space-time can go forever it might start repeating eventually.

Secondly from the theory of bubbles universe can also create multiverse because of an inflating universe which is never able to meet.

All the mysterious things like Blackhole, Whitehole, Darkmatter on the universe can only be solved by assuming Multiverse as another universe which has different laws of physics and different laws of nature can solve this mystery.

Now physicist Leah Broussard and her team are going to prove the existence of Mirror Universe at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

They already make an apparatus which fire a beam of neutrons at an impenetrable wall with varying magnetic field on both sides. They also place a neutron detector after the wall.

The theory is that if neutron can past the wall and detected in neutron detector then these neutrons are the mirror image of their own, that is the possibility of mirror universe of our own.

"If any neutrons manage to appear behind the wall, it will be strong evidence that they oscillated into mirror neutrons, skipped right on past the wall because it existed in a different part of the universe, and then oscillated back in time to hit the detection device."

Another discovery is that all free neutrons should decay at the same rate but they are decaying differently.

Scientists measure the lifetime of free neutrons by isolating them in a "bottle trap" and count numbers of neutron remaining after a certain time.

In another method, they count the protons that were emerging from a neutron beam generated by a nuclear reactor.

In both the cases the scientists look that different rate of decay for each; that is -14 minutes 39 seconds(first), and 14 minutes 48 seconds for the second.

"A possible explanation for this discrepancy is a mirror universe. Neutrons may have dual citizenship in both universes. When they summer in our neighbouring universe, any protons they emit are not detected and therefore not counted in our measurements. This could explain why we see less decay activity in the neutron beam".Source: https://bigthink.com/surprising-science/mirror-universe?rebelltitem=2#rebelltitem2

Evidence Of Parallel Universe:

Some astronomers have detected a cold spot in 2015 and it is 1.8 billion light year wide area where there are an estimated 10000 galaxies missing.

This mysterious area also contains 20% less matter than according to the standard model of mathematics which is beyond any positive explanations.

Some scientists believed that it is only possible when two universes encroaching each other in that place.

"Some experts from Durham University told that as a parallel universe crashed into ours much of the galaxies and matter were shoved away from the cold spot".Source:

Now if the above research is successful and gives the desired result of oscillating neutrinos, then it will solve all mystery of dark matter and other mystery of space and proved that we exist In a parallel universe.

It will take some time for completing the research and time will tell us the truth.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news...akthrough-multiverse


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