How to import MKV files into Adobe Premiere Pro (with Movavi Video Converter)

in GEMS2 years ago (edited)

I spent ages recording a webcam video using OBS which gave an output of a file in .MKV format. Normally it outputs in MP4 but for some reason this time the output was in MKV.

Unfortunately when I tried to drag this file into Adobe Premiere Pro, I discovered that it can't be imported because Premiere Pro doesn't support this format! So what do I do?

Well, it turns out that a couple of weeks ago I actually bought a video converter on Humble Bundle called Movavi. So I converted the file from MKV into MP4 and then imported it into Premiere Pro. This video will show you how to do it :)

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wow these are good tips you share. maybe someday these tips will be meaningful to me. thank you for sharing

thanks! if you get into desktop screen recording with OBS and then edit the video using Premiere Pro, you'll run into the same problems :)