Building a Portfolio page with HTML, CSS and Flask (Python)


For the ones who lack expertise on JavaScript, Flask can be a very good option to build simple websites, portfolios and online forms. Flask is a Python library that acts as a micro web framework.

In this post, I'll be describing the steps I took to develop my first portfolio page.


HTML, CSS structure 🛠

In order to find a structure that aligns with my sketches, I basically look into several portfolio templates available online and inspected the code. From those templates, I took the components that I would like to see on my portfolio, and I did my own adjustments. Finally I divided the code into sections:

  • About section: Having the navbar, a profile picture, an image and short intro about me.

  • Skills section: With icons and progressive bars.

  • Projects section: A container with several Divs, with images and links to my projects.

  • Contact section: A contact form, so people can reach me out.

Flask Web Framework 💻

In order to launch the client (server), the only code needed is the following:

from flask import Flask, render_template, request

app = Flask(__name__)

if __name__=='__main__':

In order to render a certain HTML template, do the following:

def html_render():
    current_year =
    return render_template('index.html', year = current_year)

In the example above, you can see that I defined the variable current_year. In case you are wondering, I have done this, because in my HTML, I have a dynamic variable called year in my footer element:

<footer style="background-color: #f5deb33b; padding-top: 3%;">
        <p>Still running in {{year}}. Built with &#129505 by Me.</p>

With flask, you can define several variables on the HTML code, that will dynamically change according to your python code. These variables are then rendered in the render_template() function.

Note that for flask to recognize the CSS files, they must be inside a folder called "static".

Domain, hosting and deployment 🚀

If you are looking to have your own domain for a fair price I advise Namecheap. There you can find domains such as, .com, .org which are a little bit more expensive, but also very cheap options, like .xyz, .io, .tech, you name it 😉


For the hosting I'm using GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and with the help of Zeet I was able to jump all the DevOps steps. I just need to connect my GitHub account to Zeet, and the integrated DevOps tools do the rest. Every time I do a git push of my code, it automatically builds, and deploys it to a Zeet URL, it is indeed very useful and easy to use.

Of course, this easiness comes with a price, but at least it is free for the first 3 projects 😁


The GCP also comes with a certain cost, but since I'm not using Data Bases, Deep Learning or any order expensive computational activity in my website, I get to pay very few cents in the end of the month.

In order to map the domain bought previously, there are some steps to be done on GCP, I won't explain them, but you can easily follow them on this link.

Last Notes 📑

  • For the ones curious about the cost 💸: I bought a domain for 2€ per year, and last month I paid 0.20€ for the hosting. Pretty cheap right?

  • For the ones curious about the full code 💻: The post lacks a lot of code indeed, because it is quite robust the HTML and CSS part. The same for the python (Flask), part. However it is open source on my GitHub 👍.

  • Avoiding spam 🚽: I developed this website a while ago, but I'm just writing the post now, because at the very beginning I did the mistake of not having a reCAPTCHA 😆. Of course I ended receiving a lot of spam messages, so definitely very important to have a reCAPTCHA, if you have a contact form. I followed the steps of this article.

  • Ok, what about the website?

Almost forgot 😊, check it here:

🚀 🚀


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Flask is a good tool indeed, I decided to learn JS and go with react though!


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React is definitely more powerful, once I have some free time, I'm planning to learn it as well. Meanwhile Flask works pretty ok for simple websites 👌