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RE: Pfizer´s own data show that the Covid-vaccine does more harm than good!

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I am vaccinated with Pfizer, my mother, father and grandma also. So far I dont see any health problems on myself but that post makes me a little bit afraid. What do You think about Valneva vaccine and other vaccines for covid? Do You think it was made just to earn more money and earn it faster, or to make "new world" etc?


That´s a good question. I am quite reluctant to accept that there is a deliberate depopulation campaign, like some say. I think it was a race to be the first in order to get gigantic revenues, at any costs, covered by the Authorities, but secondly the "pandemic" is the perfect tool to oppress people and speed up the Great Reset agenda, which anyway would have happened. Therefore the ridiculous PCR-test which say nothing, but are taken so serious and the worldwide coordination of the communication (like the "pandemic of the unvaccinated") and the heavy censorship. If the pandemic was real and dangerous there would be no need for this massive propaganda.
I am not willing to take the risk of a side effect, even if it is not that high. But the risk to die from Covid-19 is very small either, at least for someone with no health conditions.

Thanks for Your opinion.