Powered laptops as a must-have for any content blogger

in #technology3 months ago


A few days ago, I started to have problems connecting and accessing the multiple blockchain platforms that I use on a recurring basis to perform my activities in the cryptographic world.

Basically the problems to be able to establish connection and access the multiple blockchain platforms I use, had to do with my obsolete operating system and its already notorious incompatibility with web 3.0.

Another element that I observed is that my laptop started to present problems in the processing of computer data, an element that somehow affected the performance of my daily activities in the cryptographic world.

Source: Marketinet

This made me request the service offered by a great friend and computer systems engineer, who visited me and recommended that I install a new software update to improve the performance and security of my computer.

Additionally he also recommended me, to install more RAM to my laptop, so, I decided to install a new operating system and 12 GB of RAM since then the processing power and the connection with the different blockchain portals improved significantly.

To close, if as content bloggers we have laptops that have a lot of software installed, which obviously consume a lot of memory and processing power, the ideal to improve our daily activity, will then be to install new software and RAM to expand the performance of our equipment.


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