Technology is life changer but it has disadvantages too

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Now a day the use of science day by day increasing. The light is on as soon as the switch is turned on. The fan is on as soon as the switch is turned on. before many years ago It used to take days and months to send messages from one country to another. But now in a times type the message and it will be delivered in few seconds only. Why? It is derived due to technology.
In today's time modern world advancing day by day. Due to this technology, human life become easier and easier. Machine, tools, and all devices are referred to as technology which makes life easy. It is the result of the advancement of science. today technology is a very integral part of the day for us


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today we have many and more technological devices which make our lifestyle so and so easy, like computers, mobiles, television, and all mechanical devices like washing machines, bicycles and motorcars, small pin to big airplane all are the technology.


Nowadays internet technology is one of the most important and useful for everyone. Internet technology is nowadays most essential for everyone. Everybody knows about Facebook for engaging with the whole world, WhatsApp for fast chat, Twitter for the tweet, and Instagram as well as goggle's applications like Gmail, google maps for navigation, google photos for photos backup, google drive for preserving documents and google due for video calling.


19th century brought television, telegram and radio. Now the 21st century is known for science and technology. because in this century we have Nuclear energy and we had launched the space program like a Mission Mangal. We have the technology for medical science, right now we can transplant liver, kidney, and heart under the direction of the constitution and excluding offense. In this time we can get anything with a single click.


If we had not made progress in science, it would have been difficult and difficult as before. but remember it, as we progress in technology as same technology giving silent defeat to us.

Let's discuss the disadvantages of technology.

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1. Addiction - Excessive use of mobiles, television as same due to mechanical lift and vehicles we reduced physical activity.
2. Time Disburse - Insufficient knowledge and new innovation of any instrument leading to cause.(Mostly used for mobiles)
3. Distractions and Accidents:- Mostly in highspeed and luxurious cars.
4. Cybercrimes: - Rapidly increasing in the young generation.
Misuse Weapons:- For physical crimes like Gun to Nuclear energy.
Negative Impact on young generation:- For adult websites and advertisements like smocking and Tobacco-related.
7. Job loss – Low headcount requirements of human workers due to robotic technology.
8. The most leading cause of deer of nature.

To do the below steps to prevent deer of nature.


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