Heading Towards a Fully Digitized Future

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Thinking ahead

I was having a conversation with a local store owner the other day regarding the blockchain technology and Bitcoin in particular, when we got interrupted by another enthusiastic customer who thought he knew stuff about the cryptocurrency industry that happened to hear our mini conversation and wanted to contribute to it. At that point I must admit that I started to feel like a normal person again, because I was starting to think that I was the only person who just casually walks into his store and starts the crypto talk out of the blue. The very first time I did so was when I actually learned that the guy was already into cryptocurrency, and I still remember the surprised look on his face when I mentioned BTC for the first time.

On first thought it seemed like the dude was thinking I was some sort of nerdy weirdo just casually talking to random people about the blockchain technology, but soon I realized that he actually shares the same passion as me and was more than happy to hold this mini conversation, even in the presence of other customers waiting in line to purchase the goods they were looking to. As you can imagine, the people in line were absolutely confused and alienated by our discussion, so we had to end it shortly. But it was at that point when we both realized we had a lot to talk about.

Thus, this soon became the norm, and now we always hit each other with some random BTC-related facts and news whenever I visit the place to buy smokes and stuff. Apparently the dude is holding somewhere around 1 BTC and is a long-term investor and believer. He has told me a million times how he believes the cryptoverse will revolutionize the way we make transactions on a global scale, and I've let him know that we see things eye to eye and share the same beliefs. I've also asked him whether he is considering accepting payments in cryptocurrency, and received a response somewhere along the lines of ''I am looking into it, but it doesn't seem like a popular option for now''.

Of course this is something I can't argue with, but I tried to explain to him that things tend to move as fast as we allow them to, and therefore, that I believe it to be a step he has to take sooner rather than later, because in this way he would actively assist the cryptosphere's expansion, even in the slightest degree. He took a moment to think about my comeback and nodded in agreement. That's a win in my book, and I now expect him to push things further and get it done any time soon.

This conversation in particular initiated another one, in which I asked him whether he has ever looked into any project other than Bitcoin, and whether he would be willing to diversify and invest funds in some promising altcoins. I expressed my concerns that Bitcoin may not be the right option for those looking to establish microtransaction systems due to network fees and delays, and offered insights into Hive and LEO for this matter. He explained to me that he had never heard of those porjects before, and asked for further information.

As you can imagine, breaking down the basics of Hive and LEO to someone who doesn't have the slightest clue about anything related to the blockchain technology other than Bitcoin itself can be a nightmare, and given the fact that this is something I had tried before with little to no effect, I decided to forward some links to his email address and let him do the digging himself. I'm also a lot more comfortable with doing exactly that, as I don't want people to think I am trying to talk them into business that wouldn't serve their best interests.

And even though my intentions are always good, I do realize that we live in a world where this unfortunately is not the norm. This is also why I always advise people to never take my word for their investment options and always do their own research before making decisions in regard to the matter. As you can guess, the guy was more than interested in the information I provided him with, and after consuming everything I sent his way, he messaged me saying how he believes Hive and LEO have a bright future ahead, due to technical reasons that allow the establishment of microtransaction systems we all know about.


Looking back

This is the most accurate all-time Bitcoin price history chart I could find on the web. I can't help but wonder why on Earth I wasn't paying attention to BTC back in 2009-2011, but then I stop it because it doesn't help at all, and as you can guess, I can't change the past. But I certainly can shape the future with my decisions and actions. Sometimes I wonder what this chart will look like 8 years from now, or two halving events down the road. I can see seven figure prices on the horizon, but that's just me.

And that brings us to the conversation I mentioned in the early beginning, which was interrupted by some random customer waiting in line, who apparently wanted to enlighten us by letting us know how Bitcoin is a ''bubble'', and how we should avoid getting involved ''at all costs''. And that is exactly why many believe that the whole cryptocurrency industry is still in its infancy stage; the masses are still completely ignorant about the blockchain technology and peer to peer transactions.

Living in a world that is heading towards a completely digitized future, it is now more necessary than ever to have a safe alternative for our hard-earned funds, especially considering the fact that the vast majority of western governments are already exhibiting a tendency to gradually eliminate the use of physical money over the course of the next decade. It is not even a secret anymore; they are now speaking out publicly about this scenario.

In the near future, the people will be forced to accept and realize that the cryptocurrency industry is the only safe haven there is for their funds, as the complete digitization of the global economy would hand the bankers total control over our lives. But this is something that is not going to happen, and that's thanks to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in particular. Governments will eventually realize that there is not much they can do to prevent this, and therefore, they will have to settle and accept this fact.

The funniest part is that people like the dude, who still thinks 12 years after the inception of BTC that it's a bubble, will have to settle as well, and will be among those in a hurry to get their hands on some fresh crypto as soon as the bankers take away their cash. By the way, I didn't even bother mentioning how BTC is still hitting ATHs and breaking one record after another 12 years after its birth. Would be interesting to see how he would try to counter that, but it would probably give me a headache as well.

I just smiled and responded that everything is possible, and that it's good for him that he keeps his eyes open. At least he was the only one in line who wasn't hearing the word Bitcoin for the first time in his life, and actually knew a few things about what this internet money thingy really is. Or at least he thought so. My takeaway from this is that the dude was thinking exactly how governments and bankers want him to. Always look things up with an open mind. Don't be like this dude.

Thank you for your attention.

Alright guys, that's it for now. I sincerely hope you learned something new today.

Just my two cents. This is by no means financial advice. Just sharing my personal views and experiences. Please do not take my word for your investment choices, and always do your own research.

Stay safe and have a good one,

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Every asset there are doubters, but why not accept the good in it than just doubt it. Another example is the stock market. People kept saying 2020 was difficult economy but yet markets went to all time highs. If each of us do not look at it from a bias perspective we all would likely be better off in our investment choices. bitcoin is here to stay, question I really care about is when will it hit $100k and beyond.

I fully agree with you! Let's wait and find out when it will hit the $100 k mark. I guess it will happen after the next halving event. Thanks for passing by ;)

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$100k is going to happen this year. Here is why.
The top of the next cycle will surpass $1m.

It's a wasted of time to try to convince a denier.
Only time will can cure him.

They say "everyone buys bitcoin at the price they deserve".

I had the chance to buy it in March 2013 at a price of $20, that was the first time I heard of it. But I did not deserve that price 😪

And I regret it. $6k was it for me.

Others deserve it at a price >$1m and they will get what they deserve.

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$100k is going to happen this year.

You sound very bullish! Not sure it will happen this year, but I'm sure it will at some point. Will check the video!

It's a wasted of time to try to convince a denier.
Only time will can cure him.

I agree, and this is why I don't even bother trying anymore.

I had the chance to buy it in March 2013 at a price of $20, that was the first time I heard of it. But I did not deserve that price 😪 And I regret it. $6k was it for me.

You still picked a good entry point! Good job!

Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a thoughtful response!

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