Building a Trading Bot from Scratch - Part 3

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Choices, choices, choices... sometimes many is too much.

I've started diving into UI elements for the trading bot. I had planned to keep away from the UI as long as possible so as to not get lost in eye candy and invest the proper attention on the core functionality, automatic trading against strategies.

However, I am now at a point where I need to start testing the beginnings of the core functionality. Big dumps of log data are hard to read, where as a graphical representation allows us to take the information in at a glance.

So, just for starters, I was looking at charting and data table libraries. It has been taking so much time to firstly discover what is out there, secondly, then try to compare and then short list them and arrive at a choice.

Even if one writes their code as modularly as possible, selecting this or that library, or even a complete frame work means you are committed. You don't want to be heavily invested in something that is suboptimal, because of the time that would be lost and possible breaking changes with refactoring the code for a new library.

Anyhow, I think I have my short list and am close to a decision.

But this is just the start of much bigger journey.

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