#PredictTheFuture Challenge - A great future awaits us

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"Year 2067" If life allows me, by that time I will be a little over 50 years old? I wonder what that future will be like, will it be the way I think it will be?

Welcome everyone to one more post of my authorship, this time I'm here giving my participation to the . Next I will be giving you my opinion in several areas of what I think about how everything will be in the year 2067.

Make yourselves comfortable and let's get started.

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I will first talk about the population and the changes it may undergo in the future. Well! I personally believe and think that these changes will begin to be noticed from our own environment, from our own home.



Families will begin to become much larger than they are now, currently an average family at most only have two babies, but there will come a time where families will begin to grow so much that there will be an overpopulation. I can say that for a future like 2067 this situation will become controllable because thanks to all the advances we will be able to see new cities of vertical forms, perhaps at this point some may wonder how is that vertical cities, well, it is something that today already have in mind in many projects in the world, especially in the most developed countries.


The means of transportation will also undergo a great change, all those that run on fuel will disappear for the most part, we will be able to witness how the new era of electric cars will replace them, I have seen news about all this progress in the automotive field where I have even seen how many of these cars drive independently.

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Another important point to mention in this case is the economy.... For the year 2067 we will see a big change in this field, I dare to say that today we are already living a little of what will be that future, the printed money or what we know as cash will be at a point of extinction, by then we will be using more virtual money and it is at this point in particular where the famous cryptocurrencies that for that year will be much more popular and commercial throughout the world, come in like a ring to the finger.


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Continuing with this great futuristic theme, I would also like to mention the change that tourism may undergo... The tourism that we all know will no longer be only on Earth, but also the human being will be able to explore the space, maybe there trips to the moon and why not to the planet Tuesday, the sure thing of all this is that it will be something expensive, so for all those who want to go to space, from this precise moment I suggest that they begin to gather enough money.


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The healthy human being manages an average mortality rate up to 72 years of age, by the year 2067 this can change completely and even raise the average up to 85 years of age ... Although it may not seem like it, there is a way to extend this average even more, nowadays the advances allow us to have a perception of what could be achieved if the formula for longevity is discovered or manufactured, this can bring great changes to humanity, since somehow a 60 year old woman can have a baby without any problem. Maybe you are reading this and you are saying in your mind "This guy is really crazy", but if you think about it, imagine that by the year 2067 this formula will be discovered, it would be an unprecedented event in humanity.


I can also say that all those deadly diseases will no longer be a threat, for example cancer, HIV and that malignant virus that today has claimed the lives of millions of people as is the Covid-19, I can say that for that future science will have already created vaccines and drugs that can fight more effectively all these diseases that I mentioned before.

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Technology will possibly be the area that will have the greatest impact on humanity. I will not refer to intelligent devices or artifacts, but to the fact that the advances that will be obtained will be so great that they will begin to be used to perfect our human race, genetic engineering is currently having a gigantic advance. All this boils down to the fact that in the future we will be able to see certain examples such as, contact lens implants that will allow us to see in real time everything that happens around us, in the same way it is certain that we will also have at our disposal headphones that allow us to listen to people who speak another language, but in this case we will hear them speaking in the language of our preference. I hope you are reading and that you are not calling me crazy, but it would be great to break all those language barriers that limit us so much.


Can you imagine being able to connect our brain to a computer or the internet?

Although many do not believe it, this is getting closer... By the year 2067 will be left behind all that about typing and then send a message from our computer, when all this technology is implemented, we will be able to do everything just by thinking about it. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence will be able to take us for a few moments into the near future, so that we can see the consequences of our own actions, helping us not to make wrong decisions.
Robots by 2067 will be our workmates and we will get used to seeing them as normal people walking around everywhere, either doing administrative or cleaning jobs.

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Another important point that can not be missed and that also gives much to talk about is nanotechnology, this in the future will allow us to do practically everything and even those things that we think it is impossible to do, we will see the creation of brain implants, among many other things that only seem taken out of science fiction movies. That is why I dare to say that this tiny technology is one of the greatest and most important discoveries of this century.

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For the year 2067 everything we can see in these futuristic series will be completely real, we will see how all this technology will be used in the construction of buildings ranging from small houses to large skyscrapers. Surely we can also witness battles between robots, but of course, these will be much better than those that can be seen today, it will be almost the same as the movie "ATOM".


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Now to culminate my participation on this topic, I have left as the last one an area which is my favorite and for which I identify myself, I will tell you what I also think of what the world of video games may suffer in the future, in this case for the year 2067.

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By that time we will most likely have a great variety of titles very different from the ones we currently have, but nevertheless "Nintendo" will continue to offer us games of their best franchises such as Mario and Zelda, obviously all these titles will have much better graphics, their gameplay will be more different and most certainly we will have the opportunity to have much more fun.
For its part "Sonic" will continue to evolve in a big way, bringing better consoles loaded with many exclusive and impressive games, but not only that, they will also bring with them new IP which will make "Sonic" the best or in such case one of the best in this field.
On the other hand we have "Microsoft", I have always said that it is and remains a sleeping giant, I know it will not be left behind when we talk about the future.... I can say that by that time they will get to have a console more flashy than "Sonic" and "Nintendo", as many will know, the "Microsft" is not offering many exclusive games, but still for the future I think and believe that will have a long list of exclusive games and even this list will surpass those of "Sonic" and "Nintendo".


As I had already commented before in the post, technology has advanced a lot and thanks to it developers are looking for new ways to create games with greater immersion, at this point we can put into practice the virtual reality and is that today in the world of video games have been created many helmets with this technology (virtual reality helmets), in order to offer more realistic experiences, if right now this is happening today, I can not imagine everything that will happen in this great world of video games. All this will be summarized to all the great evolution that will have the technology in the following years to come.
All this in order to make the player feel completely inside the game, I know it is hard work, but I also know that with the help of the World of Video Games and technology this will be possible by the year 2067.

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Before ending my participation in this challenge that I really enjoyed a lot, I would like to thank my friend @daltono for this great creative initiative that you had on your part, personally it made me think about things that I didn't even imagine. It was a unique experience. It was worth it to take my imagination for a walk to give my participation to this great challenge! All credits to the creator of this initiative...
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You totally smashed it in the best way with this one dude! You have some very interesting expectations for the future.

I love the vertical city idea, especially if they incorporate a lot of nature into it mixed with the new technologies.

Video games of the future of course are something I look forward too immensely.

I have never heard of the movie ATON, I will have to check that one out.

I just want to thank you wholeheartedly for participating. You did a wonderful job and I am proud to have an awesome community member such as yourself join in on my challenge.

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How gratifying this is, my friend! I really thank you very much for your nice comment. I didn't think I was capable of doing a topic like this, but I just put my imagination to fly taking into account some technological news with a view to the future!

And well! You are absolutely right, I can imagine that in the future there will be less space where trees can be planted, surely with all the technological advances, in the future we will have many buildings with lots of vegetation inside.

As any fan of video games, that's what I'm looking forward to in the future, I can already see myself walking in a completely virtual world.

I had a mistake in the name of the movie, it's "ATOM", the movie is based in a futuristic world where robots took over the boxing ring, according to what I understood was that a robot fight was more striking, commercial and lucrative. its main actor was Hugh Jackman, the popular "Wolverine" ;)

For me it is always an honor.... Thanks to you for continuing to encourage us to do our job better here at hive. I hope to keep doing a good job, greetings and blessings my friend, be well :)

You are awesome bro! You're capable of so much, keep up your hard work. Life is destined to get better soon I feel.

I think that movie is called Real Steel here in the states. I have never watched it before, but have recently seen it available to stream for free. I want to view it soon.


I recommend it to you my friend... It's a great movie ;) And again thanks to you for everything! Take care...

Pasando a saludar y cumplir mi promesa #teamarepa ❤️ #malomilove