RE: Do we still need to build models beyond the Standard Model of particle physics ?


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Thanks for passing by, the comment and the support!

Wow, thanks for this update in "particules anatomy" (sorry I am a biologist)

Ahaha! I is the first time I see that word used in this context. That's funny and you made me smile. ^^

maybe there is still some stuff to discover in particles, and new models to come.

There is clearly more stuff somewhere, as the Standard Model has many shortcomings for which explanations are needed. The unknown of the problem is precisely the nature of this "more stuff". It could be right behind the corner, visible or hidden. It could me much further. We don't know.

Finally, this is precisely what exploration is about, as I wrote in the blog. We don't know what we will find.

Do you think there is an end to that? Well, good luck with your event!

Will it end one day? There is no way to answer this. It strongly depends on what is found. But we can be sure physicist will always try to find a more elegant way to describe our world (which often mean new particles and/or new phenomena to be discovered).