A time laps of my farm so far

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I started the job managing the beach resort a little outside of Accra at the beginning of September. A couple of weeks after starting I started working on the farm project near by in the evenings when I had time.

Here is a little time laps of photos taken from a similar angle over the last 6 weeks. I am now intentionally trying to take the same photo each day to make a more extended time lapse. I can then make it into a neat video also.

September 4th 2021

This is the only photo I have before digging. It is from the wrong angle though as it is looking back towards the photo position I will be shooting from now on.

September 7th 2021

First day of digging.

September 8th 2021


The First Swale reaching all the way across the feild.

September 12th 2021

First beds completed and planted with seedlings.

September 13th 2021

A couple more beds int he works and mulching going down in the swale.

September 15th 2021
First bags of wood chips going down.

September 25th 2021
Completed swales and beds on the first level and looks like some digging has started on the far end below the swale.

October 8th 2021
Over 10 days went by and I did not shoot a picture at this angle and a lot of things changed. The plants grew, the seedling bed got a sun shade, and a whole other section of rows popped up below the swale.

October 14th 2021
Another week went buy and more progress. The supports for the tomatoes, and all the weeds starting to grow in the distance.

October 19th 2021
Everything looking very clean here. Growth on the plants is starting to get very noticeable.

October 21st 2021
Just last week after I brought another truck load of sawdust bags. I did another bed and all the pathways.

October 23rd 2021
The pawpaw trees are really starting to grow on the swale.

October 24th 2021
You can see I had started chipping away at the next section below the second swale.

October 26h 2021
Yesterday after all the rains a little bit of blue sky before some more rain in the afternoon.

October 27th 2021
Just this morning.

All photos taken with a Huawei Y7 Prime camera phone.


Wow, what progress! That must feel really great!

Yes, of course we celebrate each step, but it will be good when I have reached the bottom of the land and have it all planted. Thanks for taking a look.

Very cool dude! Glad your gardens are doing well! I was curious to know what the climate is like in the region where you are? Where on the continent, by the way?
Is it a dry and rainy region?
The earth seemed very compacted by the photos, did you have difficulty breaking the clods? The ideal is to take a day off just to crumble clods with your hands or some instrument. The looser the soil is, the better it will be for the plants! And about this sawdust, is it to avoid growing weeds around vegetables and fruits? Here in Brazil there is a variation in the cultivation methods that suggest that it is important to let the native vegetation grow in the middle of the plantations, even if it becomes a visual mess, because this will be the natural defense of the plants you will grow.
Success for you!

I am in Ghana near the coast. It is a dryer area of the country, but we are in a rainy season right now. The earth is very lose and not compacted at all. It was plowed before I started, which sadly means all the soil is kinda dead too.

Yes I will let some "weeds" grow up around as ground cover but I will not let them come in too heavy, weeds can bring diseases in also.

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I love what you are doing. I whish I had land to to that.

Yes sadly the land isn't mine but I am free to do as I want with it as long as I am in this position. So I just have to work hard and hope for the best.