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RE: Motorola g50: All the phone I need

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I'm fairly similar in my phone selection. I mostly wanted a good camera so when doing research I Googled "best budget phone cameras" hahaha and was able to narrow it down to 3 reasonably priced phones.

The last 3 phones ive gotten have all been a little bigger than the previous one and they always seem too big at first. But after I get used to it they seem normal to me. My wife has an IPhone because she gets a phone through work and I'm always like how can you see anything on this tiny little thing 😆.
My phone doesn't feel big now, but since I'm thinking about it I wouldn't want it to be any bigger. I think this is the max size for me.


You tend to get used to the size after a while, but it still has to fit in my pocket.

Haha yes. That's very true.