Cross-Rollup Ethereum NFT Liquidity Solution by Immutable X & StarkNet

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One of the biggest hurdles with blockchain gaming is liquidity for their NFTs.


Immutable X bringing cross-rollup liquidity to Ethereum

Blockchain games are something that have fascinated me since the first one I ever played - Gods Unchained back in 2018. I still play it to this day and consider it one of the most polished ones out there, next to Splinterlands. It used to be nothing to build a game on Ethereum's layer 1 with no issues because gas fees were pennies. Gods Unchained used to run on layer 1, but has since built their own layer 2 solution for NFTs called Immutable X which has free, instant transactions on top of Ethereum.

Other games have migrated from layer 1 Ethereum as well like Axie Infinity, which also built their own layer 2 solution to reduce fees and congestion. There's tons of games that have migrated to different layer 2 solutions built atop Ethereum, but the problem with this is that it creates fractionalization. These layer 2 chains that different games and apps are built on are not cross-compatible unless there's a bridge built specifically for chain X to chain Y.

Immutable X and StarkNet have partnered up to bring Immutable X's layer 3 scaling capabilities to the masses with ease. StarkNet will allow developers to deploy custom composable smart contracts that instantly migrate games to Immutable X. This will enable games to have insanely high throughput for their NFTs with free, instant transactions while still being secured by Ethereum's layer 1.


This will enable games/apps on different zk-rollup solutions like Loopring, StarkNet, Arbitrum, etc... to take advantage of Immutable X's cross-rollup liquidity. This enables infinite scaling across hundreds of different rollups without compromise of security, centralization, or liquidity. With tons of different applications and games, they can have specific needs that different rollups can meet.

Immutable X brings all of that together with support for hundreds of layer 2 and layer 3 solutions. These games/apps don't have to compromise liquidity or functionality anymore because of their current layer 2/3 solution. If this is going over your head, imagine playing a game built on Arbitrum and earning tokens/NFTs. Those assets are kind of stuck on Arbitrum unless you want to deal with paying insane fees for bridging back to layer 1.

With Immutable X's cross-rollup liquidity, your assets are freed from that chain. You'll be able to move those assets across different chains freely and even access marketplaces on different chains. Your assets are kinda worthless if there's no liquidity in the market for them, so you don't want to be cornered to one single layer 2 rollup.


Even if you don't understand the technical stuff behind the scenes, this is going to be a huge upgrade for blockchain gaming. It's going to greatly improve the user experience and enable true scalability across the blockchain gaming sphere. No more will games be cornered to on single rollup solution for transactions. No more will bridging between different rollups or interacting with different marketplaces be a pain in the ass.

You'll be able to mint your 10,000 generative NFT collection in one single transaction for zero gas fees. Some of these games are more centered around simple gameplay, but some require some pretty complex DeFi style transactions. Different rollups are built for different things and have advantages/disadvantages. Immutable X will make it possible for all of them to be used while eliminating fractionalization.

Ethereum is extremely powerful but for now still relies heavily on layer 2 and layer 3 solutions. Immutable X is here to create that cross-rollups liquidity solution to solve massive fractionalization of assets on different rollups. In simple terms - it's going to be a much better user experience when playing blockchain games built on top of Ethereum in the very near future.

Didn't understand any of that? It's ok. Just know blockchain gaming is evolving in the right direction.

Thanks for reading! Much love.

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This is groundbreaking not just for blockchain gaming but for the whole industry! A huge step forward in unifying all the isolated L2s and L3s. Way to go Immutable X.

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Absolutely. The focus is gaming but really any apps using rollups to handle transactions can benefit from it.

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I tried something like that called ZK Rollips, but the fees were higher than ETH making it a laughable joke more socthab a usable service.

This is the solution. Zk-rollups are very useful for handing transactions without touching Ethereum layer 1. Immutable is making rollups cross-compatible.

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Well I don't use blockchains that have a fee over $0.01 and would prefer the fee to be 0, so I hope someone figured that out so we can cut all the middlemen out of our banking system.

I'm tired of the MitM banking model, I don't care if it's a miner, a staker or a algorithm, I want to send money instantly and don't care what someone else thinks about that, the other perspns views shouldn't effect that transaction in anyway either.

Immutable X seems to be taking off and people are obviously trying to find a way to move off of the huge ETH fees. I remember it being mentioned in Gods Unchained and I think it's a good thing for ETH NFTs.

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Definitely. Seems to be expanding outside of just NFTs too with this crazy integration which is huge.

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