Ben Eater 6502 Kit — Day 6

in Project HOPElast year


Sadly on day six I didn't get much done as the power supply died on me. And since I don't have another 5V, 2A power supply in my box of old power supplies I had to order a new one. But still the day was not an entire waste. I got an actual bread board to put my breadboard on

The breadboard on a bread board

Cut one power rail of ever breadboard

You can't actually buy power rails separately. If you want power rails on the side of your board you need to cut them off a full breadboards. Which is pretty simple to do.

Connection the single breadboards

Breadboards have dovetail connectors to connect them up. And double sided stick tape at the bottom to connect them together to make larger boards.

The cut off power rails go to the sides of the board

All wired up.

With the wires in place to board is already pretty sturdy. I haven't used the sticky tape yet.

Added the CPU.

I added the CPU and wire up all the mandatory CPU pins. Including the reset button. And then the power supply died and everything went black. I hope non of the chips where damaged. It will take a few days until the new power supply arrives.


Super interesting work, I congratulate you, although I know nothing about electronics I find it fascinating to build a motherboard.

Great post