Ben Eater 6502 Kit — Day 4

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We have two clocks, now we need a way to switch between the two. Switches are not as often debounced as buttons but in this case it needs to be done. Ben Eater explains in the video why.

The parts for today

Placing the fist parts

You might notice that I moved the parts yesterday around to save some space on the board. There is quite a bit of logic yet to come and I didn't want to use more then half the board up to this point.

Finished placing all the parts

All LED off.

All LED on

Hint: To create a connector you strip a double length of wire on one end and then cut the wire at the desired length. After you cut the wire you can move the insulation to the middle.
1 Kopie.jpeg
2 Kopie.jpeg
3 Kopie.jpeg


Thank you for sharing this type of knowledge at the technology level, so take into account how technology is and how it works in a practical and dynamic way.