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RE: Phone home

23 more days and I will be back on the /e/OS

You can GhoulGhoul it on maybe the dumbest named tech company search engine ever, with the most mass manipulation and censorship. And maybe they will actually let you see real results of what that is..? After the paid for propaganda results of course. Just scroll past the first 20 and look for the truth...

Oh never mind, not alot of truth there... it is Googlygoo.

My phone was De-Googled on a really cool and way more private OS when it crashed a month ago. I had to get an insurance replacement, and they will not unlock this phone for 40 days.

Here You go bro... One less click for the Ghouls to sell to adverts/haxters/malwares and even the corrupt gov. creepy stalkers.

That is what I have been using on my phone. Mine is a 1+7pro on T-Mobile.



I hardly ever use Google, just at work as there's little choice. It's shit. It's all shit. Bring on the EMP and roll back to the clock to the days of no power. That'll sort people out. New World order.

I would have been happy being born 100 years earlier. Before all this Clown World Bullshizz...

This is what I see when I see the Globalist Clown politicians..



And it terrifies me..!

Yeah, the world, society, is on a backward slide. No doubt about it.