Black Holes’ Pressure

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Back in 1974 Stephen Hawking figured out that black holes should radiate Hawking radiation. Essentially, heat. But now, a new surprising feature of black holes has popped out from quantum gravitational corrections of black hole entropy. Black holes appear to have pressure.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Black holes. Objects with fully collapsed matter that we assume have the unfathomable singularity at their core were for a long time considered to be completely immune to the rest of the Universe. Then, in 1974 Stephen Hawking calculated that they should be radiating heat out in form of Hawking radiation. But that was the end of the list.

Now, physicists from the University of Sussex are coming with a breakthrough discovery that claims black holes also affect their surroundings with pressure. They found out that black holes should be substantially more complex thermodynamic systems than we considered them to be. The lucky discovery was done by Xavier Calmet and Folkert Kuipers. They were stunned by a strange result when solving equations for quantum gravitational correction of black hole entropy. When they further analyzed it they found that quantum gravity could lead to pressure created by black holes.

As Calmet says – when they found out that black holes have not only a temperature but also pressure it was a complete surprise for them. At the same time, this is a huge success for quantum gravity research at the University of Sussex that brings us a new way of looking at the quantum nature of black holes. Now, black holes could become incredible cosmic laboratories for the research of relationships between quantum mechanics, gravity, and thermodynamics.

Calmet also hopes that their research will open new possibilities in astrophysics, particle physics, and quantum physics.


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