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RE: Want Social Change? Change Your Social! Web 3.0 Is Here - It's Time to Dump Reddit & The Rest!

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I had not read this post, it would really be excellent to take Hive to another level, imagine that wow it would be spectacular, the truth is that I have been on the platform for 5 years and what Hive has and everything is really promising, although sometimes we need more insentive to continue publishing hehehe and the truth is I am not complaining although I would love for more people to know my content and enjoy my Violin as much as I do, Thanks to Hive although few can believe it has helped me to buy my equipment to be able to to have better audio, better image when recording my videos and the best thing was I could buy my speaker to be able to play at events, a microphone for my Violin, in short, endless things that have helped me to continue with my dream, enjoy my violin, I hope I get much more support from some of Hive and so don't vote, comment and give your opinion on my content to continue improving every day. Thanks HIVE and thanks to those who vote for me every day hehehe greetings 😊