Psychology and Psychology

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I would like to share with you some of my experiences and the most beautiful things I researched, and I developed my personality and my fields of dealing with people after theories in psychology:*Psychologists say: If you want to know how someone feels about you, try to make him laugh.. If he laughs easily, he likes you very much.
* According to psychology, the person who sleeps while embracing his pillow, is already missing someone.
*The provocative person: You can simply ignore him whenever you can convince yourself that he is just an idiot.
* Dealing with people with their different mentalities, nature and morals requires patience, and sometimes deliberate omission to continue your relationship with them.

*Apologizing in a cold way is considered in psychology a second insult to which a person is subjected.
*Most people are unable to speak if they look at someone they like.

*If you think that the person talking to you has lied to you, then remain completely silent.

*Study: A person's suppression of his feelings makes him more hostile, and weakens his body's immunity.

* Try to reveal what is in your heart, your mother, father, friend, friend, your favorite animal, even believe me, this will do the trick.

*The Law of Encounters The chance of meeting someone you do not want to see increases, the more you are with someone you do not want anyone to see you with.

*People who criticize everything big and small suffer from self-confidence problems, and if they are your friends, they negatively affect your success.!!
*According to psychology, you do not appear completely... you must hide something from you. The real pleasure that a person should enjoy is the mystery... the mystery that motivates others to search for you and you.

*Basing your happiness on one person in your life may completely destroy you physically and psychologically.
As for the science of the body, body language:
1- Raising the eyebrow: Raising the eyebrows indicates discomfort, surprise, or fear of people.

2- The smile: the smile is real when wrinkles appear around the eyes, but if those wrinkles do not appear, this indicates that the smile is fake and unreal.

3- Laughter: A person who responds with a sense of humor and laughter indicates that he likes the person he is talking to, and wants to build a relationship with him. Whether it is a casual or romantic relationship.

4- Legs interlocking: The movement of legs interlacing psychologically indicates that a person is not open emotionally, mentally, and physically, which means that he is less likely to change his mind in negotiations and conversations.

5- Exaggerated gestures: When you tell someone something and they nod excessively, it means that they are worried about what you think of them or doubt their ability to follow your instructions.

6- Walking: Extending the footsteps, erecting one’s stature, moving the shoulders and raising the head when walking, are all signs of strength, confidence, greatness and attractiveness in your personality, so try to cover your gait with it.

7- Rubbing the fingers is a sign of discomfort: If you are conversing with a person and you notice that he rubs his fingers or intertwines them, know that he is uncomfortable, or tense, for any reason, and he performs this movement that is called in psychology self-touching to get some relief, As for your taking this movement, it is evidence of your confusion, and you should avoid it, in situations that require self-confidence